Hillary Clinton will be Jailed before the end of October, said Julian Assange


The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange today revealed he will publish a huge  tranche of one million leaked documents that will take out Hillary Clinton by 21st of October in what will be known as the biggest information dump of all time.

The WikiLeaks founder, has promised to see it happen as soon as possible. He says, “if Trump doesn’t take Clinton down, we will.”

Hillary Clinton and the deep state has been working seasonally to make sure their absurd trump-Russia collusion conspiracy sticks, it’s failure owes to the fact that no form of real evidence was ever produced; it was all just he said, she said and so-called ‘anonymous insiders’.
It appears time may be running out for Julian Assange which makes him way more hellbent on performing the task that seems to evade the President.

The website’s boss said he plans ‘to publish leaks that includes ‘significant material’ on war, arms, oil, Google and the US election.

The Wikileaks Boss also claims they have proof that she is guilty of crimes against Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Caledonia, and Brazil. the US will be doing her a favor by putting her in prison and saving her from the severe punishment several of these countries will inflict.


  1. What a load of absolute bollocks! Given that he’s only just been given back his basic access to the web in the embassy recently, I doubt that he’s got anything of relevence to anybody about anything these days. As for Hilary Clinton, ffs dudes, you might not like her politics, but this rubbish about crimes is beyond rediculous & as far as the Trump-Russia investigation goes, that’;s the one where 19 people have held up their hands & admitted totasl guilt, saying that they certainly did do these things. Trump’s campaigm chairman is currentlt locked up in a federal prison cell, where he’s facing serious jail time for the crimes that HE’S CONFESSED TO DOING! Does that not constitute a “form of real evidence” for you lot then, as given the number of indictments as well as the actual confessions from the many people who’ve decided to come clean & admit their part in what happened (for which they’ll be serving some serious time behind bars, so they’re not going to take that decision lightly?!), I’d say that things are pretty much bang to rights & that’s before a single word has been said by the prosecution team, who’ve yet to make any kind of statement, let alone release their report, but still they’ve racked up an impressive number of indictments & gotten sufficient guilty pleas from people like Manafort, Cohem & Gates, ALL of whom have openly admitted that they comitted these crimes for Trump, with his full knowledge & backing & that they colluded with representatives of Russia during the 2016 Presidential Campaign! So, when the final report does come around, I doubt that saying stuff like “there’s no there there” is going to cut it any longer people? “No real evidence…”!!!! Why’s Manafort in jail now & Cohen’s on his way to join him soon then? But no; I can see why you’d think that Assanage, who’s internet access was cut off completely by the Ecudorean Embassy months ago, when he refused to stop writing complete rubbish like this article, so for most of the last year, he’s been feeding the cat & doing f**k all else in there, but perhaps he saw Clinton being licked up in some vision or other? In real life however, she’s not got so much as an unpaid parking ticket, so for an accused rapist & fugitive on the run like Assange, who knows nothing about what’s been happening in the world over the past year other than what he’s read in the news papers or been told by his occasional visitor, to accuse the former US Secretary of State of unspecified crimes, is f**king hilarious?! It’s like the political equivalent of those Flat Earth retards where you’re showing your own ignorance of the world, simply by stating such batshit crazy BS out loud & in public!


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