Boris Johnson launched a scathing attack against the “people who really run the country” and accused them of plotting a “great conspiracy” against the British public.

THE “DEEP state” is “reaping the whirlwind” and trying to “frustrate the deal” by going against the wishes of those who voted in the Brexit referendum, claims Boris Johnson

The Brexiteer MP also referred to some of his colleagues being “scared” by the idea that there will be no Brexit if Theresa May’s deal is not voted through Parliament. Mr Johnson told LBC: “Some colleagues are being scared by this idea there might be no Brexit as a result of voting down, I think that’s nonsense. Britain will leave in March, absolutely, and that’s the bottom line of it.”

“I think that people will feel betrayed and I think they will feel there’s been a great conspiracy by the deep state of the UK, the people who really run the country, to overturn the vote in the referendum.”

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