10 Concrete Reasons Why Atiku Abubakar Will Win The 2019 Presidential Election

Here are the 10 Concrete Reasons Why Atiku Abubakar Will Win The 2019 Presidential Election:

  1. PDP won in 2011 with a South- south candidate. PDP currently has a Northern Muslim candidate. 

2. 2015 taught Nigerians that the more popular a candidate is,  the more votes they will get. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) was less popular in 2015, and he got less votes. Buhari was more popular in 2015, and emerged winner of the 2015 presidential election. Buhari is less popular now, he can’t get more votes.  

3. Between 2011 and 2015, PDP lost 9.5m votes but Buhari only won by 2.5m votes.  PDP only needs to get back some of the votes it lost to win the 2019 presidential election. 

4. 21 million Nigerians are unemployed.  This is made up of mostly youths. 51% of registered voters are youth. They will vote for Atiku because he represents jobs. 

5. There is insecurity in all zone;  South-East / South-south (kidnapping), South-West (Armed Robbery), North Central (Herdsmen Crisis) , Northwest (Banditry /herdsmen Crisis)  and North East (Boko Haram / ISWAP/ Herdsmen Crisis).  People from all these regions will vote to secure their livesyin the next 4 years. 

6. Northwest has 20 Million registered voters. South-south and South-East have combined 22million registered voters. PDP will do better in 2019 in the NW than in 2015. 

Kano – Kwankwaso Movement.

Sokoto – Governor Aminu Tambuwal. 

Kaduna – killing of shiites and unpopularity of El-Rufai. These are factors that will count

7. Nigeria has never been divided as it is right now. Atiku has demonstrated his ability to unite Nigeria and he has earned the confidence and endorsement of key stakeholders across politica moguls.

8. In the South-south/ South-East, PDP lost 4million votes between 2011 to 2018 to malfunctioning card readers. PDP will gain back some of those numbers because of the updated card reader. There will also be higher voters turn out in the south east which means more for Atiku. 

9. Igbo votes make up a substantial percentage of lagos votes. They are more likely to vote for Atiku and Peter obi. In today’s Nigeria, the Christian community is more pro-Atiku/Obi. The persecution and attacks on church leaders like Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Paul Enenche, Apostle Johnson Suleiman among others are a big incentive against a buhari vote. 

10. Atiku will gain more votes in the North Central. Apc will lose kogi, Benue, plateau, kwara states and more. Insecurity rising from herdsmen killings, as well as the government’s insensitive response ,will endear more voters to Atiku.  In 2018, buhari won by only 2.5 m votes. Atiku will reclaim those votes and much more .


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