Swalwell pushed for any candidate’s most severe weapon grab strategies to ever campaign for president. Swalwell went as far as to say that he’s going to jail anyone who doesn’t turn their weapons over and even thinks he’s not complying with nuking individuals.

Swalwell announced the end of his campaign, “I want thank my supporters & friends, my staff, & my family for making this journey possible. I’ll never forget the people I met & lessons I learned while traveling around our great nation. Though our campaign is ending our mission to end gun violence is just beginning…”

Eric Swalwell was a troll online over gun policies against the incredible Dana Loesch. And before Swalwell announced a couple of days earlier that he had a failed campaign got snarky with her.

Dana Loesch striked back immediately with a tweet, “He was shocked that promising to nuke people wasn’t a winning message”

“What else can he ban, he’s called for a ban on everything and nuking those who don’t comply. This is the only other move.

This was only ever a publicity grab for him.” Loesch continued by referring to a tweet from 8 months ago when Swalwell threatened to nuke citizens if they refused to turn over their guns.

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