Federal Court Rules in favor of Judicial Watch against Hillary Clinton

Federal Court Rules in favor of Judicial Watch against Hillary Clinton

Federal Court Rules in favor of Judicial Watch against Hillary Clinton

Judicial Watch recently announced that a federal court ordered a hearing on Clinton’s email problem on Thursday, August 22, 2019. The Conservative watchdog group was battling in court on Thursday to force Hillary Clinton on her personal server to answer questions under oath. The tribunal held that “one of the most serious contemporary crimes to public transparency” was the Clinton email system.


Gateway Pundit –Judge Royce Lamberth, who was appointed by Reagan on Thursday given extra discovery to Judicial Watch and Hillary Clinton has 30 days to reject her application to question her on oath.

According to JW lawyer Ramona Cotca, Judicial Watch has four more months to perform the discovery that Judge Lamberth has just awarded them. “Court provides extra information to Judicial Watch and witnesses on Clinton emails — wishes Judicial Watch to’ shake the tree’ on freshly discovered prospective Clinton email trove. Gives Mrs. Clinton 30 days to reject our application to question her under oath.

Remember, it was Judicial Watch who, through their FOIA lawsuits, broke the story of Hillary’s private server wide open and have been aggressively pursuing this case ever since.





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28 thoughts on “Federal Court Rules in favor of Judicial Watch against Hillary Clinton

  1. Oh paleeze. Trump started all this. He is such a moron and idiot and was never “elected” president!!! He illegally made huge campaign contributions to members of his Republican Electoral College to sway the illegal votes toward him, never qualified since his resume states he was a “Reality Show Host” and not a business politician like former VP Joe Biden, who will run against “fake Trump” in 2020. Trump will never see a second term, thank God!! Biden states as President he will prosecute Trump for Treason and Obstruction of Justice and will be sent ti prisin to serve the rest of his miserable life!!

    1. There really are people this stupid in the world ….nothing, and I mean nothing, you stated was even true. It was all lies , and the fact that you are quoting Joe Biden shows just how desperate and utterly moronic you really are.

      Why would you just spew a bunch of lies and pretend to know what you are talking about.

      1. Hillary is a spy like Bill, who sold our ICBM guidance system to the Red Chinese when he sent two missiles for them to launch for us, whereupon they removed the guidance systems from both and launched them to crash where they then could not find top secret guidance systems at crash site.

      2. Hillary Bill Obama clapper Brennan struck page all of these Jokers need to go to prison for a long time this is absolutely ridiculous what they have pulled there are so many more Democrats in this deep State need to pay for what they have done I would like nothing better than to see them all spend numerous years in prison so this never happens again but they’ve done to his were president is absolutely appalling no other president ever had to put up with anything remotely close to this I used to be Democrat and I am absolutely ashamed to admit it I don’t know what I was thinking I see the light now I see people like pelosi and all of these other idiots that are running for president on the Democratic side and it’s just an otter jug you know that idiot struck that said Hillary should have went a hundred million to nothing well I think Trump needs to win a hundred million to nothing maybe this will never take place in the United States again people need to hang for this this world has enough problems and they have idiots like these Democrats that are in charge and this to leave and AOC and the rest of them makes the United States looks ridiculous is Muslim loving American hating idiots need to go back to their own countries and never return I’ve been in the government now for over 45 years I have seen a lot recently what has been going down is just ridiculous I’m a 40-year military man and I have seen a lot of bad things and good things for government mrs.lee worst that I have ever seen I would like to see Justice done and done right this time put them all behind bars for a long long long time


      1. Let me guess you love Hillary you are ridiculous people like you are going to drag this country and into a point of no return you may have done to this present in his family is absolutely appalling and ridiculous and every single one of them needs to apologize please media Moguls CNN and the rest in the lies that they spew out and all of the crap that they have pushed on the American public with a fake phony dossier investigation that’s spent over forty-three million dollars taxpayer dollars which you probably don’t even pay taxes you probably collect unemployment you probably sit on your butt and eat bon-bons and watch soap operas all day people like you need to wake up and smell the roses go spend a couple years in the military and fight on the front lines lines like I did and maybe then you have the right mind speak and say what you think is right his daughter and son-in-law has done nothing wrong I’ve been in the military with 45 years people like you that have no clue what you’re talking about don’t need to talk

    3. Trump, First President since Reagun to keep his campaign promises! Like you told us when Obama was nt.
      He won, suck it up and deal with it. Preside

      1. What you can’t handle she’s going to get caught lying??? And no way in HELL will Touchy Joe Biden be President so keep living in your snowflake bubble!!

    4. I love it !!!! The libtards strike again there reality and hatred for this country shows, Please pick up a book, know your facts before spewing you venom. You seem hateful, lost, and delusional.

    5. Ahh, No!

      Hillary started “all of this”.

      Trump was elected President.

      The electoral college is not a Republican. There are not “illegal” electoral college votes.

      Resumes are not a requirement for elected office.

      True, Biden’s business being a politician.

      It has yet to be determined which Communist will run against Trump. Biden has not secured the nomination.

      If Trump wins the 2020 election, he will serve a second term.

      A President does not prosecute and certainly not former Presidents.

      Barbara, what is your favorite flavor of Flavor-Aid?

    6. That was the silliest thing I’ve heard in a long time. When God handed out common sense you must have been in the line for popcorn.

    7. Hahaha
      Why do u talk as of a matter of fact that you know this to be true as if you were there.

    8. Barbara, you’re crazy woman. You are an example of illiterate minded people on the left. You dont know what the heck your talking about at all. Trump won the election fair & square!

    9. You got it wrong again. Hillary did this to herself not Trump. She violated so many laws including obstruction of justice. She deserves to be prosecuted. Think what you want but Trump is president not you. He is a billionaire with global holdings, do you have his success? The Democrats tried to pin the Russian narrative on Trump, but in reality it was really Hillary, she tried to influence the outcome of the election along with several individuals.

    10. Let me guess you love Hillary you would love to sleep with Hillary you would love to spend a couple nights with her people like you make me sick I can’t believe what’s going on in this country she is the biggest con artist swindler liar cheat and evil person besides pelosi that I have ever seen I have been in the military for 45 years and unfortunately I hate to admit it but I used to vote Democrat and I don’t know what I was thinking these idiots today make me sick people like you make me sick you need to go spend some time in the military stand the front lines get off your butt quit eating bonbons and stop watching stupid soap operas all day go get a job you probably collect unemployment and I pay for it go do something with your life go read a book find out the truth before you speak abuse

    11. You’re dreaming. Trump will win in a landslide. Biden doesn’t even know what planet he’s on. Bahahahaha lmfao

    12. Good LUCK Barbara, WILL Never HAPPEN! Hillary will PAY for all she has done! Execution would be the Best Legal reason for her punishment, probably will never happen, but we can just hope and pray!

    13. Stop embarrassing yourself & every other intelligent american with your lies & Made up BS, TRUMP IS 1 OF THE 2 PRESIDENTS THAT DOES WHAT HE DAID HE WOULD DO, he could & would do alot more if it wasnt for MORONS like Pelosi & Shumer. TRUMP 2020 SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP

  2. You know, it’s amazing the effort being made to criminalize Hilary Clinton, while we have President who makes false statements any time he opens his mouth, whether to make fun of disabled people, treat women as less than men, charges taxpayers for housing for his government security to stay at places owned by him.

    The list is endless.

    As for Obama, he had to fight Republicans every time he wanted to make a policy change. The Republican goal appears to be to undo anything Obama did just because of party politics.

    I have never been a voter by party, but I am leaning that way simply because this country and its politicians no longer represent the public and average citizens: instead it’s about the party and the politicians personal agendas.

    But in the meantime, let’s keep after Hillary. Prove that Republicans only lie 99% of the time. Get her jailed and then go after your next target.

    Reminds me of witch trials and gestapos.

    Land of the free. Innocent until proven guilty.

    Not in this country any more.

    Why is Trump’s news never fake? Oh, that’s right. He’s protecting our family and Christian values. Keep all the riff raff out. Most terrorists come through Mexico. Medicare is entitlement (all these years I paid and worked and earned my Medicare) must have been a group delusion.

    Oh well. Such is life in America these days. Our enemies always said we will destroy ourselves from within but I never feared that happening in my lifetime.

    1. Another clueless person. Trump has treated women with respect and has more women hired than anyone else. What a foolish person.

      1. Just because you say something, does not make it true. Your “chosen one” has a LONG history of treating women like objects. He is a disgusting pig of a man who has the hots for his daughter. Multiple affairs while married. One bastard child. So you STILL think he treats women with respect? Remember how many times he attacked women based on their looks or size??? Get real.

  3. Another example. I am not typing the response again. All fiels were completed.

    I guess u didn’t like my comments because they don’t agree with u.

    Keep ur sight. I won’t bother reading let alone responding again.

    Of course, it’s like my vote. One vote and one voice doesn’t matter in this country.

    Before u tell me to love it or leave it, remember that when u guys attack ur political enemies.

  4. Just because you say something, does not make it true. Your “chosen one” has a LONG history of treating women like objects. He is a disgusting pig of a man who has the hots for his daughter. Multiple affairs while married. One bastard child. So you STILL think he treats women with respect? Remember how many times he attacked women based on their looks or size??? Get real.

  5. I wish people would comment when they have facts and not something they’re learning from other social media gossips. If you insist upon making these inaccurate statements at least cite your references

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