Federal Judge Humiliates Hillary Clinton Over Special Treatment received 

Federal Judge Humiliates Hillary Clinton Over Special Treatment received

Federal Judge Humiliates Hillary Clinton Over Special Treatment received By Department Lawyers

On Friday, Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch published a transcript from their August 22 hearing where Judge Royce Lamberth provided fresh discovery and witnesses on the email case of Hillary Clinton.

Judge Lamberth, a Reagan appointee blasted State Department lawyers defending Hillary Clinton who were working to cover up her email scandal.


‘There is no FOIA exemption for political expedience, nor is there one for bureaucratic incompetence,’ Judge Lamberth said warning the government lawyers.


Judge Lamberth also criticized the State Department’s handling and production of Clinton’s emails in this case stating, “There is no FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] exemption for political expedience, nor is there one for bureaucratic incompetence.”


In the beginning of their oral arguments, lawyers for the State Department wrongfully stated that Judicial Watch could no longer continue their discovery. The court stopped their arguments saying that Judicial Watch can continue to find more evidence in this case:

STATE DEPARTMENT: … it is, of course, Judicial Watch’s burden to explain to Your Honor why there has been good cause to reopen discovery now that discovery has closed in this case.


THE COURT: Well, I didn’t close discovery. So your premise is wrong.

STATE DEPARTMENT: Fair enough, Your Honor. Whether you want to call it closed or not, it is still —


THE COURT: I didn’t close it. I said I would have a status after they took this initial discovery, and that’s what I’m doing today. I didn’t close discovery.

STATE DEPARTMENT: That’s right, Your Honor, but it is still Judicial Watch’s —

THE COURT: So they don’t need any good cause —



THE COURT: — Today the good cause continues from whether or not State was acting in good faith, and I’ll tell you everything they’ve discovered in this period raises serious questions about what the hell the State Department’s doing here.

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4 thoughts on “Federal Judge Humiliates Hillary Clinton Over Special Treatment received 

  1. All of this is still aggravating to so many of us! A large number of people in government do whatever they want whenever they want to and are still getting away with it! If this isn’t fixed, if these crooks don’t start going to prison, I’m afraid the people in this country will start completely ignoring the “law”. If there is no law for everyone then there is no law for anyone! Winning these small battles is nice but it doesn’t replace the fact that they are getting away with crimes that the rest of us would already be locked up for if it was one of us.

    1. Why does Clinton get to use Department of State lawyers when virtually all of the people that Mueller went after have to get outside counsel, especially Flynn and/or Manafort who were either working for the campaign or working for the incoming President, and are now bankrupt for trying to defend themselves against bs charges by a lawless attorney masquerading as a special counsel who had huge conflicts of interest but never would admit them.

    2. And it is the government covering for the government, lying for the government, hiding evidence for the government, assigning judges favorable to the party in power or the government. The people don’t get free attorneys when charges, rightly or wrongly are brought against them by the government which has unlimited resources and time which leaves possibly innocent people unable to defend themselves adequately or they will be broke. Attorneys don’t care one way or another they just want paid.

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