“Noo!!” Kamala Harris devastated over response from crowd in a rally 

“Noo!!” Kamala Harris devastated over response from crowd in a rally

For the past couple of months, the California Democrat has been polling in the low single digits after rising a little after attacking then-frontrunner Joe Biden.

Perhaps it’s her campaigning style, like her town hall this week in Reno, Nevada.

There, she said to the crowd: “There’s this whole conversation that has been coming up about electability focused on our campaign.”

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“Is America ready for that?” she asked.

Several members in the audience shouted “no!”

A surprised Harris offered her own answer: Well, yes they are.”

Harris was a long-standing Los Angeles prosecutor. She went on to become California’s Attorney General. You never ask a question, as any good lawyer knows, to which you do not know the answer.

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A new statewide poll released on Wednesday by the California Public Policy Institute shows Sen. Elizabeth Warren at the top with 23 percent, Biden a close second at 22 percent and Sen. Bernie Sanders at the third with 21 percent. Harris is only 8 percent


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