Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary Clinton with an epic reply


Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary Clinton with an epic reply

Former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has been attacking actual 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard for months now, accusing her of being a Russian asset as her popularity surges.

Rep. Gabbard responded to the slander, referring to the former First Lady as “Queen of the Warmongers” and “embodiment of corruption.” She also challenged Clinton to join the race.

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Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard continued to ream into Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night, releasing another campaign video in which she slams the foreign policy of the former Secretary of State as a’ disaster’ and tells her to’ step out of your throne’

The one minute clip, entitled ‘Hillary, Acknowledge the Damage You’ve Caused’, sees the Hawaii Congresswoman blames Clinton for the deaths of servicemen overseas.

‘Hillary, your foreign policy was a disaster for our country and the world,’ the 38-year-old military combat veteran who served in the Iraq War said.

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‘It’s resulted in the deaths and injuries of so many of my brothers and sisters in uniform. It’s devastated entire countries, millions of lives lost, refugee crises, our enemy al-Qaeda/ISIS strengthened,’ she added.

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One thought on “Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary Clinton with an epic reply

  • November 16, 2019 at 12:24 am

    Tulsi Gabbard is very likely going to become the first female U.S. president, and she’s doing what it will take to accomplish that by stepping up to the plate and calling for the scrubbing and cleansing of the Democratic party, which had been hijacked by evil and corruption. While I am distrustful of anyone that has been a member of the CFR, I think Tulsi’s patriotism – and leadership – is genuine and this coverage is what is needed for her to accomplish the aforesaid mission of cleansing the Left. Although I do not see her being able to do this before the end of Trump’s second term, I see her setting the stage to take the reins from Trump and the power base of Patriots that has succeeded in getting Trump elected and restoring the Republic. I do not see anyone else capable of wooing the #walkaway Dems back; she is the only candidate speaking directly to us. I wish her the best; even though I will be voting for Trump next year, it’s entirely possible I will be voting for her in 2024 if we make it that far.


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