In less than a year 3/4 of the “SQUAD” under financial investigation

In less than a year 3/4 of the "SQUAD" under financial investigation

In less than a year 3/4 of the “SQUAD” under financial investigation

The three most prolific members of the freshman Democratic congresswoman are faced with allegations of violating campaign finance laws and House ethics rules just ten-months into office.

Below are allegations from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and House Ethics investigations brought against Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan after they took Washington, D.C. by storm in January with the promise to bring about a more fair and just society.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel commented on the report, tweeting, “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib ALL face ethics probes. The Socialist Squad is an absolute mess.”


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Ocasio-Cortez’s political rise in 2018 was made possible in large part to Justice Democrats PAC, an outside political action committee that recruited her to enter politics in 2017 and provided much of her campaign’s staffing and overhead needs in the lead-up to her June 2018 primary victory over former Rep. Joe Crowley.

The Daily Caller reported that several former FEC commissioners said “Ocasio-Cortez may face civil or criminal penalties for failing to disclose the connection of her campaign to the external PAC.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s former chief of staff is also in hot water for “running a slush fund during the 2018 midterms by diverting $1 million from Justice Democrats PAC to an LLC under his control.”


Rep. Ilhan Omar is under investigation for diverting campaign funds to a Democrat consultant with whom she was allegedly having an affair.

Recently, a complaint was lodged against Rep. Rashida Tlaib for misdirecting campaign funds for her own personal use.

Click here to get the outline ongoing investigations.

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13 thoughts on “In less than a year 3/4 of the “SQUAD” under financial investigation

  1. How Unprofessional, lnconsiderate, Ungrateful. They must be Jailed with hefty fines. Sad to Tell the Truth…..

  2. These congressional imposters such a reshita talibe are gone one way or another!!! Looking forward to protecting the constitution, TRUMP 2020 and beyond. See ya rishita

  3. Shocking! corruption among the squad?
    How soon can they get kicked out of Congress and please take Pelosi and Shiff with them.

  4. All 3 of them demon disgusting humans belong in prison and kick the hell out of our country indefinitely. These woman are a disgrace to our country, our country is screwed up as it is to have these devil’s in Congress. Congress cant even be trusted anymore, no one i mean no one in government are for the ppl and enough is enough.

  5. Remove them in Congress and lock them in jail. Ilhan Omar and all her family should be deported to show the Americans that no one is above the law. This will serves as a lesson to the people who work in Congress to respect the law, the Constitutions and the elected President.

  6. Ultra left wing morons like these should have never been allowed to disrupt this nation’s government! Pelosi & Schumer should be given the boot right along with them! They should all be thrown in jail! Adam Schiff should go first!

  7. These continuous counts of crimes by polittions are terrible! Unfortunately the only thing that gets done is the people are notified by these articles. Day after day,week after week,month after month ,and year after year, we read about the crimes then nothing! Good investigative work! No results!

  8. Well, Talib went too far in my Michigan House because she lied about her residency status. Bad for m there, but I have never seen anyone disrespect the office like she has. What a classless bOOb.

  9. I hope they are all booted out of Congress. Ilhan should be deported. Would like to see them all in prison

  10. This kind of stuff happens when they watch and admire leaders like Obama, Clintons and alike. They learn these traits exactly from them. It is ok to lie, cheat, steal and kill. They are not leader’s but FOLLOWERS!

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