Hillary Clinton is still a prison candidate, Federal judge assures Americans 


Hillary Clinton is still a prison candidate, Federal judge assures Americans

Notwithstanding distractions from the Democrats-pushed Trump impeachment plan, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal Hillary Clinton is still a prison candidate, Federal judge assures Americans and possible jail time is still on, federal judge assures Americans.

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal may be a fading memory for most, but it remains a live, legal morass for at least 14 attorneys who piled into a federal judge’s courtroom in Washington on Thursday for the latest round in the never-say-die saga.

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Lamberth didn’t immediately rule on that request, but repeatedly expressed concern with a continuing drip of Hillary’s messages, several years after her presidential campaign was rocked by the disclosure that she exclusively used a private email account and server during her tenure as secretary of State.

“The reason we’re here is because Athe State Department wasn’t truthful from the beginning about Secretary Hillary’s email use,” Judicial Watch attorney Ramona Cotca said. “Everyone we’ve deposed in this case knew about Secretary Clinton’s email use before this case was filed.

Judicial Watch’s lawyers have expressed hope that the case before Lamberth might lead to a quarry that Hillary’s opponents have sought for years about 30,000 emails her lawyers ordered deleted after concluding that they were personal in nature. The group is seeking to depose two current or former State technology officials, as well as a private contractor who worked on Clinton’s server, Paul Combetta.


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Attorney Beth Wilkinson said Mills could respond to written questions about Hillary Clinton but has already sat for a deposition focused on the emails in another Judicial Watch suit and was questioned about the Benghazi issue for nine hours by a House committee in 2015.

“The reason we’re here is because the State Department wasn’t truthful from the beginning about Secretary Hillary’s email use”, the Federal Judge said.

“That is simply and demonstrably not true,” Pezzi said, listing five employees who didn’t know about Hillary’s account until “well after the fact”. Some didn’t know until reports about Clinton’s private server appeared in the media, he added.


But the Federal Court seems certain that Hillary Clinton will answer to her crimes eventually.



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31 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is still a prison candidate, Federal judge assures Americans 


    1. Hillary has caused enough damage to our country and justice should prevail.

      Quit allowing her to thumb her nose at our constitution and making a mockery of our judicial system.

        1. Dont forget she also sold 20% of our uranium stockpile to a nuclear enemy, russia, and they still dont know where that money that the obama administration recieved went, by the way in 1953 a US couple were exicuted for conspiring to sell atomic secrets to russia, Hillary did much worse by selling them the actual material to make nuclear weapons , wake up everyone to her and obamas treasonist crimes , major prison time i should hope

      1. I totally agree, and not just her. All of them in our government who seem to think they can do whatever they want as long as it lines up with their own agenda, not caring about real Americans.

    2. Hillary’s Clinton is a murderer and a biggest killer on this planet she wanted to have a nuclear weaponize war against United states of American citizens

    1. This women is not just enemy of united state she is a killer of millions unborn baby she should pay for all this. Plus answer to all other crimes she has done also remember the crime she did with her husband.

      1. Anybody worked in government classified projects knows the classified info MUST be handled with an extreme care. It’s like a little hole in a dam. If you don’t fix it, you will soon end up with a huge flood. It’s the first training you go through. You just can not understand how Hillery is walking around free. For example, who knew the travel schedule of Lybian Amb Stevenson? You ended up loosing four American lives and nobody accepted the responsibility and was accounted for. A lot of loose things happened under Qeen Hillery and Comey and his gang said, ” …..nothing is here, just move on”. Are you kidding me????

    2. We the People of the United States of America having fount Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Obama Nancy pelosi Chuck Schumer nadler shifty shaft all guilty of their crimes of treason against the people of these United States are sentenced in a military tribunal to death let it be so for if it was any one of us we would be sentenced the same as

  2. Ppl have been thrown in jail and or prison for doing a lot less than what Hillary has done. If there is any justice in our court system she should go to prison immediately.mayde hung with Bill b/c they are very evil traitors to the country.

      1. To restore equal Justice under the Law all the folks who were involved in this scandal should face Justice. These liberals think they got away with their actions one day they will have to give an account now or when they stand before God Almighty.

  3. Saying she’s still a candidate for prison, is hog wash. SHE SHOULD ALREADY BE THERE!! If it was any normal person they would be! So many people have committed lesser crimes and the got put away. So I’m calling Bullshit! This is Totally Wrong! She is a Traitor to Our Country. She Sold Our Uranium, to Russia and Obama was in on that! All the Emails. She got 4 Service men killed! What bothers me is this Double Standard Bullshit, the Demonrats do what ever they please and get away with it! And as far as I can see she is the worst of them all and she just does as she pleases!
    None of them are being held accountable for their actions!
    She Pure Evil!
    But she’s a candidate!
    So, I would assume your saying No one has the balls to lock her up? After to all there is a long list of bodies for those who got to close or knew to much.
    WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!!!

    1. She’s got away with way to much the uranium to Russia, bengazi where 4 men were killed, lot of deaths that surround her n Bill and the list goes on. Our Judicial system is swamped with major corruption all for WHAT? HATE N GREED!!! Full Power!!! GOD WINS IN THE END!!!And She’s EVIL

  4. Many Americans have SERIOUS DOUGHT about the judicial system and its ability to bring Hillary Clinton to Justice.
    Make SURE you have enough evidence on her and PUT HER AWAY!!
    Then maybe, just maybe America will have some confidence in the “System” and it’s ability to maintain Fair and Impartial Justice for EVERYONE. Even Politicians
    As she her self said…” NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”!!

  5. The so called judicial system in America is a huge joke, corrupt to the core and completely dysfunctional. In fact it fits the description of a RICO perfectly. But what can we do? We can’t vote the career criminals out, they’re permanent. This government is dangerous, and destructive to everything America stands for. It’s no longer “of, or for the people”, it’s against us, it has become the enemy of the people. It doesn’t get any more obvious, it’s in your face. I think it’s time to use the second amendment as the founders had intended. This garbage isn’t going to fix itself.

  6. You all act like Hillary is the ONLY corrupt fucker in government. Both sides of the aisle are so corrupt, they CAN’T prosecute Hillary without exposing themselves. You are asking a bunch of self-interested, self-centered assholes to suddenly “do the right thing” when the “right thing” would kill them. You really think that will happen? This is why Hill-Billy can still walk around like her shit don’t stink, even if the people can smell the stench.

    1. Yep Ol’ Hillary Rotten Crotch and Bill “Spank my monkey to little boys” Klit-ton have politicians on both sides of the ilse watching their 6 and the justice department is in their pockets what a joke

  7. If she isn’t dead yet she should have been long ago. She is a disgrace and a candidate for GITMO. She is one very hard lady to look at. A perfect eyesore. She is more than a just a felon in jail. She fits the perfect candidate to be burned alive at the stake! “EVIL & WICKED!”

  8. Well here we are in almost June of 21. This soulless demon still walks free and worse yet, our country is being slowly taken over by a marxist shadow government. People are being censored on social media for simple statements like “a man can’t get pregnant” and our “commander and chief” can barely put together a sentance. I am in simple disbelief that most Americans are dumb enough to believe anything the left and social media has been cramming down our throats.

  9. Nancy Pelosi is the real threat Demoncrats dont care about our country from what Iv seen they wanna divide and conquer this country they promote racism and violence indoctrinate and sexualize our children our enemies laugh and sharpen there knives all at piglosy command shes still upset that jesus sent the rest of her relatives into the ocean all them years ago

  10. I don’t live in America BUT I have noticed that the America I once remembered DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE. Ever since the Democrats started taking orders from certain Hollywood & Co. VIPs and since they are tearing apart the constitution … Trump was honest at least, you knew what he thought and how he thought, He is a COHERENT person and he always has of everything for one’s own nation and not for other nations … I no longer see, with this president, the REAL AMERICA but only the shadow of what was a GREAT DEMOCRACY …

  11. Killery was EVIL the day she was born. Even Lucifer fears the day her and her friends arrive in Hell. He knows she will try to take over and God will be smiling !

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