Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez Must Be Investigated, Says Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez Must Be Investigated, Says Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez Must Be Investigated, Says Marjorie Taylor Greene!

Recall that Washington post had earlier reported that Marjorie Taylor Greene had shouted at Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday, saying ” You don’t care about the American people, Can you explain to me why you’re on board?”

When Ocasio- Cortez refused to react to the Georgia Freshman Rep. Jason Greene in public, Greene went further to accuse her of failing to defend her “radical socialists” principles, implying that the rookie had not adequately explained her conceptions.

Greene also called Pelosi a chicken who doesn’t want to address the Green New Deal; In a statement to the media outside the House chamber. In the statement, the author writes; “These members are Cowards, there is a duty that they have to uphold to the public. This is a depressing situation”.



In a swift reaction, Lauren Hitt, a spokeswoman for Ocasio-Cortez, offered the following statement in support of her colleague;

” Greene tried to provoke a fight with Rep Ocasio-Cortez in the middle of a conversation, and as she tried to walk away, she began yelling and calling Rep Ocasio-Cortez an ally of terrorists.”

At a time when many offices are contemplating reopening, we hope that the leadership and the sergeant at Arms take tangible steps to guarantee that Congress is a safe and civil environment for everyone. As a consequence of Congresswoman Greene’s harassment, several members have already been forced to relocate their offices.


Greene’s actions elicited a reaction from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who is reported to have suggested that the “verbal assault ” on Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene may be a matter for consideration by the Ethics Committee of the House.

Pelosi said the House was discussing a verbal assault by a member whose actions are considered outside of the bounds of what is required to uphold the House’s traditions of respect and integrity. ” I’m sure you’re thinking whether this is a matter for the Ethics Committee”.

She says on the other hand many Americans are beginning to wonder why Nancy Pelosi has maintained a deafening silence on topics that benefit the American people.

Some wondered if she faded away and perished or just doesn’t care?


In recent times, people who dare express their opinions have had to face the wrath of the “wicked witch of the west” as she seems to have returned to her nasty ways.

Nancy Pelosi has been referred to as a “domestic terrorist” due to her actions and remarks against Americans. Some other members of the American public also view her as an official who is ” so crooked and avaricious that she looks like a character from a Disney movie”.

To put this clearly, Ocasio-Cortez now has to rely on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to defend her ridiculous ideas and cry baby behaviour, both of which have made her an outcast in the House of Representatives.

Greene responded to Nancy Pelosi’s Criticism of him on Twitter with a demand that she should be investigated for her behaviour and appropriate actions taken against her.


Nancy Pelosi’s silence on topics that benefit the American people has been deafening. People who dare speak their opinions are no longer spared from the wrath of the “wicked witch of the west” since she has returned to nasty ways!.


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  1. It sure is fun how the demecrtes can follow people into the bathroom and harrasing them to vote the way they want them to vote and Biden says oh that’s ok that’s how it’s done but when someone does something to a demecrte they start screaming how dare you. Like everything else do as I say not as I do for the demecrtes. They think there above the law but everyone else needs to not only follow the law but tip toe around the demecrtes. AOC is nothing but a stupid child that should NEVER have been put on the white house to begin with she shouts her mouth off but doesn’t even know what the constitution of American says and doesn’t know or could care less about the law it’s just her way or no way and her ideas are so stupid you can’t even imagine how she comes up with her grap. And polosi is just a dead drunk

  2. Save the Country more Bullshit from this Drunken Hag just blow her fucking brains from DC to Delaware

  3. Their both enemy’s of the people just can’t believe people voted for these clowns, not to mention Biden. Apparently alot of stupid people vote

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