Candace Owens Ruins Ocasio-Cortez day with this Concrete facts

FROM AMERICA THINKER, It has been a long time since a person as young as Candace Owens appeared on the political scene who is as brilliant, grounded, and quick-thinking as she is.  She is the same age as Rep. Ocasio-Cortez!  Let that sink in a minute.

Owens has about a hundred I.Q. points on the supremely ignorant Ocasio-Cortez.  Owens’s grace and class are the antithesis of Ocasio-Cortez’s empty-headed, ditzy meanderings.  Owens’s videos are all worth watching, and her performance on Tuesday in front of the House Oversight Committee was spectacular.


She put the Democrats on that committee to shame, especially Jerrold Nadler and Ted Lieu.  Both of them tried their best to humiliate her, to use her as a prop in their latest narrative that Trump is responsible for a make-believe rise of white nationalism and white supremacy.  The two of them are imbecilic at best.  Their focus on “white nationalism” is nonsense, but that is all the Democrats have now.

In the hearing on Tuesday that was to be about hate groups, the intellectually challenged Ted Lieu of California tried to submarine Owens with a short excerpt from a recording of a talk Owens had given where she was asked about nationalism.  Lieu clearly had no idea whom he was up against; Owens eviscerated him for the dirty trick and for assuming that black Americans are “stupid” and would not know to find the entirety of her answer to that question online.  The odious Jerrold Nadler interrupted her to scold her for calling a member of the committee “stupid.”  She had not.  Owens nicely pointed out that he had not been listening.  He is as much of an ignoramus on this committee as he is on the Judiciary Committee, out of his depth.


The lovely and quick-witted Ms. Owens is a dose of best medicine.  She is optimism, hope, belief in America, and intellectual prowess all in one beautiful package.  She is a gifted speaker and a natural leader.  That she is on our side gives us old conservatives renewed faith in our youth.  It is Trump’s agenda, and how it has played out so far, that has invigorated Owens and given rise to her spectacular voice.  She is a blessing on us all, our rose among thorn.


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