54 Year Old Man Arrested For Allegedly Raping 74 Year Old Bed Ridden Woman

A 54 year old man was arrested Monday morning for allegedly raping a 74 year old bedridden woman, in a Bangkok squatter community, Thailand.

Police said Sombat Tonwong, had allegedly raped the elderly woman during the night of November 17.

The victim’s 37 year old daughter filed a police complaint against Sombat with the Tha Rua Police Station on November 20.


The daughter told police that she had noticed her mother’s troubled state of mind and pressed her for the reason. The mother then told her about the November 17 sexual attack.

Sombat was arrested under an arrest warrant issued by the South Bangkok Court on November 22.

The accused was taking drugs with the victim’s son-in-law at the victim’s home at the time of the incident. Said the Police.


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