Adam Schiff in bigger trouble as petition against him goes viral 

Adam Schiff in bigger trouble as petition against him goes viral 

Adam Schiff in bigger trouble as petition against him goes viral

Rep. Adam Schiff has repeatedly lied to the American people. He has appeared on a number of news stations continuing to state Russian collusion between President Trump and Russia, even after the Mueller report had cleared the Trump Administration of any wrong doing.

As stated by Fox News, Here’s a list of Adam Schiff’s numerous lies;


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First – Schiff promised, on numerous occasions, that he had seen “ample evidence of Russian collusion” with the Trump campaign to help Trump win the 2016 presidential election. But after two years and spending $40 million of taxpayer money, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation found no collusion between Russia and members of the Trump campaign.

Second – Schiff said on national television that he and his committee had no prior contact with the whistleblower who filed a complaint about the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine that launched the impeachment inquiry.


Even The Washington Post’s fact-checker called Schiff out on this, giving him four “Pinocchios” – the highest condemnation for a lie. The truth was that the whistleblower came to Schiff’s committee and then filed a complaint with the intelligence community’s inspector general.

Third – Less than 48 hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced the House would open an impeachment inquiry, Schiff’s committee held its first hearing about the contents of the call between President Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

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During his opening remarks, Schiff fabricated a portion of the call between Trump and Zelensky. Schiff claimed later that this was a “parody,” but viewers who hadn’t read the rough transcript wouldn’t know that.

The rough transcript of the call was actually very boring. There was nothing impeachable in it and Schiff knew it, so he had to “revise” the transcript to make his case.

Judicial Watch filed an official complaint with the Congressional Ethics Office on unethical manipulation of Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) and contact with two congressional witnesses: Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS and Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer of President Trump.


Furthermore, in breach of House Rules and standards of conduct, Rep. Schiff appears to have misrepresented classified information.

SIGN THE PETITION NOW! if you think Adam Schiff needs to immediately step down as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee!






  1. You guys are overboard on the fake news. It’s a turn off. Otherwise mission is great. Maybe you draw a crowd and that’s good. Just not me, 60 yrs old. Good luck.

    • The most relevant question now is, how many more lies will the Judiciary, the third branch of our government, allow Adam Schiff to make before the Judiciary will make a decisive act to remove Adam Schiff from the United States Congress?

      • I Hear you. My Thought’s Were, To Take Back The House And Senate. Figure Out The Best Way To Quell, Calm And
        Conquer If Necessary. Don’t Call Martial Law. Give The Power Back To The States!! Self governing Works!!
        Take The High Road. Fix The Crap The Dem’s Did. Get Safe Fed, Back To Work. Back Together. Something like that.peace

    • We all assume your post was meant for the CNN website and somehow landed here … would you like assistance finding your way back to the legacy media??

      • For Schiff to lie in congress to congress should be no different than a person giving false testimony in a congressional hearing. All he has done for the last 6 years is lie. Should be tried convicted, and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

    • You really should do some Diligent Research, before you Come On here, and Babble your Ignorance. I am 62, and know Washington D.C. is Full of Treason Reprobates.

    • Well, you call it “fake news”, only it ain’t fake.
      All that needs to happenn here is to apply the law evenly and without prejudice.
      Kinda a far stretch to ask. Right?

    • Sad part is, all of this information is 100% true. Schiff is a rotten piece of shit. The sheer fact he did this to a sitting President and faced zero consequences for any of his blatant lies and treason just goes to show it’s rules for thee and not for me. I pray justice is served. I won’t hold my breath.

    • Go get these corruption engineers thank you so much for getting to the bottom of their corruption we the people need this to happen because ig these people are kept in power we are doomed they wouldn’t hesitate to kill me or you for doing even a fraction of what they has supposedly gotten away with

      • What do you mean “ IF” they are kept in power, WE ARE DOOMED “? Dude, WE ARE SO SCREWED it’s not even funny! I certainly HOPE YALL are stocking up on FOOD!
        Come this time next year! ( FACT) we will be fighting for FOOD, as there simply WONT BE ANY! THANKS BIDEN!!

  2. Schiff is the biggest liar/leaker in Congress and needs to be criminally charged arrested and removed from his position.

  3. Definitely,Hands Down. POTUS, has shaken change to the core, in the mist of constant chaos. It’s all about the VOTE, NOW! KAG2Q2Q

  4. Adam Schiff and every other Democrat that chooses to spend thier days wasting my tax dollars to discredit our elected President should resign and most, Adam especially should be prosecuted for trying to overthrow our gov. These people weren’t put into office for the purpose of investigating or questioning everything Mr Trump does. Its time to get people in place to do the job that Democrats refuse to.

    • They will never do a thing to anyone of theses people that keep breaking our law’s… My question is why? My grandson sold a very small amount of weed and got ten years.. These people committed treason and walk free. Double standard.

  5. Yes Adam Schiff is a threat to this country why Congress is allowing him to stay in just makes me think that a lot of them a lot of those are crooked to impeach shift and get him out of there

  6. Schiff and his cronies need to be held accountable and if they don’t vacate their offices and quit pull weapons on them and remove them immediately! They have made a mockery of our system for far too long ! Justice dept. also needs people removed as well as the FBI and CIA, Don’t be scared the American people will stand behind you ! And if democrats in America challenge us I guess a civil war is in order! We true Americans are fed up with a do nothing attitude by our government. Stop these idiotic demands by the liberal fools and their followers .


      • Ms Faulkner,
        Now you have my interest. Where might I find Schiff’s family history. I’m interested in reading his link to the Reich.

  7. The thing that sets the american christian apart from all other people in the world is, he will die on his feet before he will live on his knees…GEORGE WASHINGTON TIME TO STAND UP WE THE PEOPLE.

  8. Making 50 billion dollar farmer product deals with the world’s largest Swamp Creature China, put Fly Over State Voters in jeopardy. The Swamp we over look is the Presence of the UN, “Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic”. While Canada has gone full blown Communist and Mexico is still putting undue pressure on the southern boarder. DC is the Tip of the Iceberg!

  9. All of them Demarats need to be removed out of office and charges against their crimes of trying to impeach the President on false information for over 3 years. They have lied to the American people over and over again since DONALD TRUMP was elected. They are a hateful bunch of useless congress do nothing’s. They can’t do their job which is for the American people. They need not to stay in office and their term be terminated. Let them go find a job cleaning tolits because shit always comes out of their mouths

  10. As non US Citizen I can’t sign up for this petition, but I would do that for sure. I follow since many years whats going on in this corrupt politics, not only in US. There must be a lot of this crocks removed from the power in all countrys. Its a shame from all of them to betray theire own citizen and country. To hell with them all.

  11. I mean everything, and everything that house has accused President Trump of doing, thay have done or are the ones doing it. pelosi is so guilty of it all she has abused her power over and over. Why is she not charged and thrown out. One lie after the other. She says it is gonna be my way or else. I honestly dont know how THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT has took all her ABUSE. TEARING THOSE PAPERS UP, DISGRACEFUL AND VERY SHAMEFUL!!!_

  12. I find it rather remarkable that they use Shiftys name in the same sentence as the word “intelligence. Oxymoronic me thinks 🙂

  13. Not only is the general public confused, but people/politicians in high places are confused as well as to why the Dems are not being prosecuted. C’mon – the Deep State runs deep but, what the H, we need justice and we need it now.

  14. Lock Adam and all the criminal democrat rat bastards in Congress up from Treason. The Coup against the Trump Administration continues! Open the sealed indictments and start to indict this government criminals. Trump 4EVER! WWG1WGA!
    MAGA! Patriots are everywhere!!

  15. This man is a DISGRACE to THE HOUSE. HE and Nancy must be removed. I wonder how they can get away with all these LIES. The laws of our Country seem to not apply to them. WHY ?

  16. How does this country justify Adam Schiff being on the “intelligence committee” I mean what does that say about the state of this country

  17. Schitt shouldn’t have ever been anywhere near Washington. He not only should removed immediately he should be led off in a noose to the nearest tree. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Nadler and pisslosi and shummer can go with him. Who would miss them? Not me.

  18. A. Shiff earned every disrespect he has coming. According to his own congress, lying to congress is jail time. Those who supported Shiff are as guilty. It does appear Shiff and those who let him continue to lie to all of America are involved in acts of Treason. That includes the whole gang of spies and the colluding claims.

  19. We have grown accustomed to have the Gov. do for us, to keep us safe and protected us. how ever, we have been witnessing for a very long time now that we can not trust the so called socialists/democrats any more, and also some republicans as well. We are witnessing more and more lies daily by our own president, we have been told lies about his health, and well being. and what the democrat people thought they were voting for, is no longer the same, they have become the real domestic enemy of the people and the country as they continuously seek to keep the powers they have now by any means. As we were witness of the elections, and the J6. and how it is being used to stop trump from running. We again have to put up with the kind of one side committee like China, and Russian style type of court with out cross examinations and no do prosses, and not allowing the republicans to have a say unless it is what they have manipulated to be said from who ever witness they have. The have also demonstrated that they will not take anyone who would come in after their witnesses lie to correct the lies they have produced they have been twisting the truth to look like a lie and the lies to look like the truth, these people have no shame in their games for power and for the destruction of the republic. their is the goals to eliminate all opponents. As Adam Schiff have created this kind of committee to stop he nemesis(Trump). This man, these people began to push a change against the country and its people, a change we did not ask for or wanted this change was not need it as we were well in the way we are supposed to be, however the socialits and the left and the billionaires’ like Soros, Bill Gates, and the members of the NWO who came out on national TV asking if we are ready for a NWO. and expressed their ideas, and goals , we can safely say that Adam is part of their agendas, not to mention the influences of the countries that wishes us to become a second world power and are at it 24 hours a day trying to stop the USA from its freedom ideas and ways of the constitution. Well, I must say that we as the majority of the population, have allowed all of this to happen , we the people have only protested on other issues that have really nothing to do with stopping them from stopping us. we have sat and stepped back from every event that has taken place against the USA economy and in all things this administration has done to have this change just now they passed the bill that will make it worse for Americans on their taxes. all of this while the president aids the immigrants with busses and only have an excess for what the are doing but we have forgotten that to help a criminal commits its crimes it is also against the laws of the USA and especially the laws of immigration that Biden breaks on the daily basis, but no one does nothing we need or been needing to mas protest but no one is willing to assemble to have a plan to have the biggest protest against them on every major event and for the violations and the breaking of laws they have been doing but no. we have just sat there in our couches typing like I am now as if this was made so that we just express our feeling and do not protest well to complain does not help in stopping them from destroying the American dream. We do not have any demands to impeach them , we do not have any demands to have Hillary in jail, we have sat with lips closed, and done not a damn thing from the time he stopped the pipelines to now passing a terrible bill. as we know that every bill and act they make is to stop trump and to have more power after they lose on Nov. and on Nov we might have another j6 because as we continue to noticed the problems they are having with the voting machines that were being used on the election we might still lose even thou we might be the ones who vote for republicans by the thousands As we did with trump . See this is also another way or excuse for we the people to do nothing , ” hey we just have to wait for the Nov. voting. to wait for the Gov to do for us what we can do better than they do is a fatal error for the republican we need it to do things way before all of this have taken place , in a week lots can happen so the more wait wait on them the more time the democrats/socialits have to come up with their next schemes but if we were protesting as long as we could out there in ever major park with grills burning the food we eat until the gov pays us attention on our demands that would have them at a disavantage and we would open the eyes of the democrat people to see how they have been fooled into this j6 to stop trump . the point. WE NEED TO ASSEMBLE TO PLAN AND TO DEMAND IN A PEACFUL WAY. and remember, Pelosi did say, people will do what people will do, in the summer of love . FOR THE REPOBLIC

    • Yes we need to and have started long ago. I wish someone who knew how to and start our huge protests would take the lead. If I knew more about the way of all this works I would have myself. Please the people out there who have the know how take the lead and we will follow. Let’s take this completely sickening evil discussting woke cult Democrats down before its almost to late. Let’s take back our country and help this wonderful former President Trump take back his rightful place as our voted and chosen President. We need to help him help us to save ourselves our country are constitution. We the people let’s take back are country.

  20. Ultimately, I have come to realize The judicial branch of government is the problem. I refer specifically to the Attorney General, FBI, and many many judges. The executive branch and the legislative branch are subject to the vote of the the citizens of this country, but the judicial branch is mostly a bunch of appointed or hired people. They are responsible for the most double-
    standard judiciary that any democratic society in this world has ever seen. Yes, there are lots of people in our government that should be fired or impeached, and probably prosecuted, but as long as the players in in the FBI and judges have an agenda other than purely right and wrong we are not going to see any of these liberal politicians or their accomplices be arrested.

  21. A. Free American
    A. Free American
    0 seconds ago
    Impeach Him, Convict him for Treason for Undermining the presidency and our Constitution, Execute Him. He is a clear and present Danger to the United States, as are the entire Communist Puppets China installed to do their bidding, aka Democrats. Don’t forget the Corrupt US Attorney Generals Democrats have installed at every level. These Democrats are domestic enemies of the United States, as are their thugs the FBI. Clearly the FBI is corrupt at all levels and should be disbanded and replaced. Along with the Secret Service that ignores their oath of office and protects these corrupt Communist Democrats.


  23. For his own SAFETY A. Shiff should be shuffled off to a nice safe quiet prison cell. That would be the least expensive way to protect him from his future. Only seems sensible to provide someone that used the power of the government to antagonize America with his very personal agenda.

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