Federal Judge Overturns

Federal Judge Overturns

Federal Judge Overturns
Democrats persist in claims that there is no voter fraud, nonetheless, a judge in Compton, California, deduced that four voters were ineligible because they resided outside the district.

In the runoff contest, Isaac Galvan won against Andre Spicer by one vote, 855 to 854. Spicer gained a victory in the election by three votes when Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams concluded that four votes were unlawful.

Democrats allege that even if there is voter fraud, an election cannot be invalidated. In states like Florida and Arizona, ascertaining electoral fraud needs to be reasonable and cost-free. In reality, each swing state’s outcomes ought to be audited.



Nevertheless, abolishing any alternatives for voting fraud should be our top focus. Galvan and five other people have been implicated in connection with the likely plan to commit voting fraud.

On Monday’s Los Angeles Times reported:


A two-term councilman, Isaac Galvan, must be superseded by Andre Spicer, his opponent according to a 10-page ruling issued by Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court on Friday. She discovered that four votes cast in the election were cast by individuals who did not reside in the council district and that the two candidates were contestants.

Galvan conquered against Spicer in a runoff election in June 2021 by a score of 855 to 854, after a debatable primary election between the two candidates. Because four votes had been cast in infringement of the law, the court authorized that Spicer should be declared the winner of the election with a final total of 854 to 851.



Prosecutors asserted that Galvan colluded with primary opponent Jace Dawson to organize voters from outside the council district to cast ballots for Galvan in the June runoff against Spicer. Galvan was also accused of trying to bribe an election official with concert tickets, according to the criminal complaint. The official instantly reported the attempt, according to Dean Logan, the county’s senior elections official.

Stories like this one make are alarming because the perpetrator is a Democrat trying to cheat and defraud other Democrats. There is nothing a Democrat would not be capable of doing to win an election and enrich themselves in that position. We need competent voters.

Still, will other judges permit a reversal based on fraud? I highly doubt it as most judges’ ordinance is based on their ideology and not the law.



  1. As you can see Trump has been right all along. I hope all the Democrats involved
    will be charged for such crimes. When Republicans take control maybe we will get
    that done. The true definition of crime is (DEMOCRATS) God bless Donald J Trump
    he will overcome and put this nation back on track.The raid at Mar-a-Lago just
    goes to prove my definition of Democrats.

  2. The evidence is starting to Avalanche and I do not think they are going to be able to stop the evidence that continually comes to the surface and the fraud that has been committed against the American people 2020 election the Democrats keep saying that there was no fraud committed they keep denying denying and saying that the Republican are denying but they cannot keep denying the evidence the evidence is coming to a Theater near you the socialist democratic criminals not only committed fraud against the American people but it looks like they had some outside help does everyone know what the penalty for treason is in this country treason is a hanging Afoffense and because there have been so many that have committed treason against our nation there are way too many to try and hang that many people I believe our president Donald John Trump will have to reinstate the firing squad at least until we get the numbers down so we can manage the mass of treasonous traitors we must make sure that the top organizations that have committed treason they must be hung in the lower criminals can stand in the front of the firing squad there can be no mercy for these traitors to our country there are way too many criminals that have been involved in this fraud every since our president Donald John Trump came down the escalator they have been plotting and planning trying to get rid of President Trump but I believe he was waiting for these criminals because he knows they are criminals and what do you doWhen you know you’re going up against criminals criminals Lie cheat and steal so it’s kind of obvious what you have to do and what you watch out for and they fell right into our presidents trap once a traitor always a traitor my dad taught me about lying he said son when you lie you’ll have to tell a lie to cover up the line you just towed and then you have to lie to cover that lie and that’s the way liars are you cannot just tell one lie because you will have to lie to cover up your lies it’s time to bring back our president Donald John Trump remember no mercy for these traitors to our country and God bless the United States of America

    • Too many to start hanging?
      That’s not what they used to tell pirates and gunslingers back the days gone by. Get the gallows built, and watch those traitor’s start turning on eachother quicker than a starving pack of dogs fighting over a bone. Nothing like seeing their insider trading buddies hanging there swinging like dreamcatcher’s in the wind, while they stand in line waiting to be next, to get there tongue’s flying loose. Could you just picture pelosi watching obama’s neck stap, and crap fly down his leg? While they yell out… “NEXT!” Bet you coundn’t stop the dem’s from answering question’s at that point. Unlike now where it’d be a miracle if you could get them to answer what their own name is. “We’re currently unable to answer that question. I would also like to redact my time”. LOL! They willingly chose to betray this country. So if that’s the punishment for the crime… then get’er done. You don’t think they would hesitate for a moment to do the same to innocent infant’s, or republican voter’s, or god faring families do you? The difference being that treason actually calls for this punishment. To deter any future traitor’s. That’s why they should get the punishment that fits the crime instead of 6 months in country club prison. Playing tennis, posting online videos, eating better than most of us do, and then getting out to do it all over again. Lol, hell their jail seems better than some of our lives out of jail. Give’em what they deserve instead.

  3. The people in this great country deserve to see all of the punishment that is given to the traders this will show the world that you shouldn’t mess with America

  4. Public hangings will make them turn on each other then we can and will get to the bottom of this sham of an election also the story said that flordia and Arizona cant redo the election i think thats crap if there is and can be proven fraud occured then recount and then punish the cheaters

  5. Rigging an election is equal to being a TRAITOR, which earns death penalty according to law. Those found giilty of this crime should be seriously dealt with. There cannot be ANY CLEMENCY for this serious crime. Only then will we see fair elections in our country again.

  6. Mike Lindell, higher the top forensic auditors in the country. They showed millions of cyber attacks on Election Day, controlling the outcome of the election in favor of Biden. From China alone 167,000, thousand. Biden was illegally inserted he is not the president. President Trump never conceded he still is the legal president. He will be back in the white house right after the midterm election.

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