Adam schiff caught red handed in another massive lie, Finally maybe Ousted

Adam schiff caught red handed in anhandedother massive lie, Finally maybe Ousted
Adam schiff

Adam schiff caught red handed in anhandedother massive lie, Finally maybe Ousted

Adam Schiff caught red handed, in another massive lie concerning secretly meeting with the Ukraine whistleblower after The New York Times revealed the partisan anti-Trump whistleblower spoke with Adam Schiff’s office before he even filed his complaint!.

It was all a carefully planned Democratic operation to take down President Trump!
But Adam Schiff did not just lie to liberal media hacks, he also lied to Republican committee members.


Schiff broke House rules by withholding this information from House Republicans.

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On Friday Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) told reporters that Adam Schiff should be disqualified because he is both a “fact witness” and an investigator in the case. (Gatewaypundit)


In a tweet Friday, Trumps Attorney Rudy Guliani claims Democrats are getting nervous and may remove liar Schiff as Chairman.
Rudy added — “Stay Tuned, Much More to Come!”

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  1. Total bull. Not the story but that something will be done. You repeatedly use same stories over and over not one thing has come true with your news not one.

  2. The headline we really want to see is “A-hole schitt, and pelosi contract COVID-19 and are hospitalized with a poor prognosis of recovery/survival.

    • I don’t like either one! But I had Covid-19 and was on vent wasn’t expected to make it!
      That said I don’t wish anyone to have it or wish anyone to die! Not even people I don’t care for! I hope they repent and become saved!

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