AOC Embarrasses United State Again: Amazon Reportedly Looking For Headquarters Elsewhere In NYC

Early this morning DAILYWIRE reported the stinging reproach to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts who scuttled the deal by which Amazon would have built a headquarters in Queens, Ocasio-Cortez’s district, Amazon is reputedly going to place its headquarters in Manhattan instead.

According to The New York Post, Amazon is communicating with Brookfield, the owners of the One Manhattan West building and its impending partner, Two Manhattan West, starting with securing “at least 100,000 square feet or much more.” Although Two Manhattan West won’t be equipped for tenants until 2022, 67-story One Manhattan West will be ready by autumn 2020 and boasts a 250,000-square-foot space inside. The massive space is not available in perpetuity, but it can fit Amazon.

The Post noted, “Brookfield, which owns the two Manhattan West towers (and another at 5 Manhattan West, where Amazon is already a tenant), denied through a spokesman that it was leasing to the Seattle company. But multiple sources pointed to the company’s strict confidentiality agreements as a potential reason.”


Amazon had originally planned to construct a four-million-square-foot campus in Long Island City. Queens residents were delighted with the prospect of the rumored 25,000 jobs that were mentioned, as well as the effect on local businesses. Alfredo Ortiz, president & CEO of the Job Creators Network told the Post that for every job Amazon would have created, a multiplier effect would have affected five or more other local jobs.


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