Armed conservatives militias storms Washington to defend the second Amendment 

Armed conservatives militias storms Washington to defend the second Amendment 

Armed conservatives militias storms Washington to defend the second Amendment

In Washington on Saturday, militias and conservative activists gathered to demand defense for gun ownership rights, term limits for Congressional lawmakers, and stricter U.S. borders against immigrants, among others.

Waving American flags, Confederate flags, and Trump 2020 banner, the group of nearly 100 protesters deposited their weapons at a park in northern Virginia before crossing a bridge into the District of Columbia, where guns can not be carried openly.


The rally wrapped up peacefully, though it came amid concerns about a surge in political violence after clashes between activists at events such as the 2017 right-wing rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a woman was killed.

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Gathered on the Washington mall between the White House and Congress, the demonstrators vowed on Saturday to be more active ahead of the elections in November 2020.


“What’s been happening the past several years isn’t working, so you’re going to be seeing more of this,” said Gary Sigler, who led security for the event and formerly led a Maryland militia.

Sigler, 48, said he also patrolled Virginia’s statehouse in July alongside several other militia members when a special legislative session was held to discuss changes to gun laws.

After that event, Virginia’s attorney general said the militia members may have violated state law by purporting to secure a public area, a role reserved to law enforcement bodies.


Sigler’s roughly 30-member security team on Saturday decided against wearing battle fatigues in order to be more approachable, he said. Instead, they carried walkie-talkies and earpieces, and wore matching black shirts, khaki pants, and orange armbands.

But some attendees said they feared the spectacle still might intimidate onlookers.

“They’re giving off a little ‘I want to take over the government’ vibe, even though most people here just want to fix it,” said Michael Cosper, the president of Heartland Defenders, an Ohio group that does not identify as a militia but holds firearm training in addition to preparing for emergencies.





    • Copy that. It’s sad that Americans actually have to defend our Liberty from our will be am even sadder day when the are finally arrogant and stupid enough to tear up the Bill of Rights and push America into a 2nd civil war. Mark these words, that’s the direction thire moving in.

  1. As an avid gun collector, builder, shooter, and VADF member since fifteen this kind of protest doesn’t help anything. Trump’s Tiki Torch Terrorists should be disarmed, as should any who’d utter the possibility of civil war. Open carry in a city is nuts, and only scares people while making you the first targets.

    • How is it when Americans do the exact same things the socialist liberals do, you think they are wrong? We all have the right to peaceful demonstration, so says 1A. If you don’t agree then you don’t. You looking down your nose at you’re fellow 2A Americans is exactly why all Americans are having to fight with our own Government over our rights and liberty. Understand that the socialist left won’t stop until you can’t even own a BB gun. Re Read the Bill of Rights. If the words are to big for you have somebody explain them too you. Try and find the part where it actually says there are limits to any of them. ( Clue! There Ain’t Any ) You go right ahead and surrender you Liberty to AOC and the rest of the SCUMBAGS that have infested our Government. Don’t expect the rest of us to join you. 2nd Civil War, it’s coming sure as Christians. All it’s going to take is one more push, and then it goes to shove, just like the last time. Open a history book sometime. It will send a chill up your spine. Keep your head in the sand if it lets you sleep better. The majority of us always have been and always will be ready to die to keep our liberty. The question the Libtards have to answer is are they ready to die trying to take them

    • I support your right to believe whatever you want, but do it in the correct procedures.

      Article V of the Constitution instead of usurping our Bill of Rights and and further empowering and emboldening a Central Gov’t that treats us more like Subjects than the People.

  2. This article is (not so) cleverly disguised leftist garbage.
    Seriously, the “right-wing rally” in Charlottesville? Really?!?
    Do some basic research OR stop assisting The Ministry of Propaganda, err.. I mean the democrats. What crap.

    Yes. Protections for ALL constitutional amendments in The Bill of Rights and yes, term limits for everyone (even Supreme Court justices, maybe 20 years or there abouts). This country was founded on the idea that the people would have power over the government, and have and bear arms to exert that power when necessary!

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