Ben Shapiro Debunks AOC claims about Plutocrat

Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief, rebuts the tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez against his “plutocratic” ideas. In response to her post on “the plutocrats ‘ manipulative tactics,” Shapiro counters, “One of the socialists ‘ most manipulative tactics suggests that free individual decision-making is actually the result of systemic pressures that can not be prevented other than by people like AOC running their lives.”

We are now in what — the second year — AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY) snips at individuals and then refuses to speak to them. So, whenever she wishes to discuss this, or any other problem, she can come to the show, there is an open invitation to AOC. This isn’t “catcalling” as she put it, but by her own standards she kind of “cataloged” me yesterday.


She tweeted out, “One of the most manipulative tactics plutocrats use is convincing people that the systemic issues we face are a character flaws instead of policy flaws.”

Stop there for one second. Ok, “plutocrats,” like what, rule by the rich. Let me explain something, I was middle class the vast majority of my life — the vast majority of my life. I know people like to make up kind of fake histories about where I came from and all.


I was born in a two-bedroom small house in Burbank, on Ontario Street, and that small house had one bathroom and six people in it. I shared a bedroom with three sisters until I was 11 years old; we were middle middle class.

Ben Shapiro Debunks AOC claims about Plutocrat
Ben Shapiro counters Ocasio-Cortez claims about Plutocrat

We were certainly not upper class — we were certainly not rich. And you know what, my parents worked their a** off to make it so that our life was better and good for them. And they did so by working multiple jobs. They did so by making personal decisions.


“It is one of most manipulative tactics plutocrats use.” So, I’m a plutocrat because, I think, if I want to maintain free exchange between individuals, it’s plutocracy. But if AOC wishes to bring a weapon, run by the state, and bring it to the employers ‘ heads, it’s not hierarchical rule from above. So top-down centralized control by individuals like AOC isn’t tyranny, it’s tyranny when I say people should have free exchange and how they choose to do employment.

She says that, “One of most manipulative tactics plutocrats use is convincing people that the systemic issues we face are character flaws instead of policy flaws.” Well no, I’m not saying it’s a character flaw to take two jobs. Obviously, I’m saying in fact that very often it’s a character benefit, it’s an attribution of great character. What I am saying is that it’s a “you decision,” it’s a “you problem.”


She is saying, “Working people aren’t dumb or inferior.” Obviously, no one is saying they are — except for AOC — who apparently believes they’re not capable of negotiating their own salary. They’re not capable of creating income mobility. They’re not capable of working two jobs to get ahead.

AOC says,] “Nor are they why insulin costs three hundred dollars and huge companies pay starvation wages.”


I’m always confused by AOC’s bizarre understanding of economics. She says corruption is responsible for huge companies paying quote-unquote “starvation wages.” Really? Is that corruption or is that people choosing to take a job with Wal-Mart because that is a free exchange.You may not like what Wal-Mart pays. Good news, you don’t have to work there. Again, that would not be Wal-Mart’s problem, that would be a you problem. It doesn’t mean a character flaw in you. It means that you’re not wanting to work at a place, in a free country, is something that is your choice.

I mean a decision taken by you when I say “you’re having a issue.” One of socialists ‘ most manipulative tactics suggests that free individual decision-making is actually the result of systemic pressures that can’t be prevented other than by people like AOC running their lives.





    • You definitely are middle class when you comment that if people don’t like the poor wages they get they simply ‘don’t have to work there’. You perpetuate the stereotype, maybe you parents wouldn’t have had to work their “a** off” on multiple jobs if there was a decent living wage. but no you don’t care about that or how they suffered to provide, you only care about the end product of them making enough so you can where it as a badge of pride while you flit about playing Alex Jones on the Internet…

  1. Totally agree……There is a story I tell people about a VP I once worked for. I had an issue with some Maintenance Techs wages being what they thought were to low so I asked him to explain to them “free choice” He said this to them:
    “Did I come to your door and beg you to come and work here? No…You applied…Got hired and accepted the wages offered. If you don’t like what we pay then please explore other opportunities. Enough said.

  2. I get what you’re saying to have free enterprise and to have free choice of where you work. But amazon walmart mcdonalds and huge companies suck up all the worker opportunites and leave little room for competition. I feel that when that happens, theres just not enough leverage someone has over their job. And even then, we are the result of a society that has enabled the inaction of being payed live-able wages. We should be richer as a society and wallstreet bailouts have inhibited our steady increase, and have taken that money instead to control the stocks singlehandedly of the companies. Im not saying this is facts. Im just saying we’re arguing about where we should be, why we are where we are at, when your saying theres nothing wrong with unlimited capitalism, when it has gotten away with murder of a fair wage. Escaping with trillions in silent black money noone really knows everytime a recession happens. Which seems to be a habit now. Wheres the accountability of wallstreet in these talks?

  3. She really strained herself looking up those big words. Maybe she should look up the word “petulant.” Too bad she doesnt understand a word she says because the world needs bartenders too. I wonder if she complained about her wages when she was slopping liquor all over the bar?

  4. I’m amazed at how simple the world is through Bennie’s eyes. “So your single mom was a crack addict, you should be as successful as Don Jr! bOoTSTraPs!”
    What’s wrong with making things a little fairer for those born without a silver spoon, or even a middle class spoon?
    Aaaaand now the conservative brain goes into catastrophization mode: “More fair? Communism! Slippery slope!”
    If that was the case most Western democracies would have been communist by now.
    The problem is, things are just a lot more complicated and messy than conservatives want to acknowledge.

  5. One might argue there’s no choice becaise the big companies hold all the jobs but that presupposes all applicants negotiate for higher wagea at the time of the offer. Without actual data it’s at least a statistical improbability that they do. If indeed most do negotiate without success then take responsibility for yourself and learn to negotiate. Further, our predecessors endured abuse torture starvation and even death for our rights to organize labor and negotiate better terms. It is reprehensible that the complacent inaction of the workforce gives rise to the likes of AOC merely because the rhetoric of a socialistic handout holds more appeal than self determination. Read your history books folks…this isn’t a new concept and in the end costs more in terms of freedom and life than the handouts received

  6. Ben Shapiro is a smart guy. I give him that. And I appreciate much he says.
    However, I’m my opinion he has bought the lie. Should an individual be able to make all the money they can? He would say yes , I think. However as early as the 1800’s there were anti trust and monopoly laws put in place. Because even in a so called free market system, it was recognized that if one company or individual controlled everything it would spell disaster.
    We have now reached that stage of the game. They dangle a carrot out in front of people and tell them you too can be rich like me. It’s a lie.
    The need to break up these compaines, give the workers a chance.
    In the 50’s it was a one wage earner system. Households were provided for by 1 wage earner. They bought homes, had a car, and food on the table for the whole family. In the 60’s when womens rights took hold, for a moment some house holds benefitted from 2 wage earners. This however was all changed by the powers at be and now it takes both those full time incomes plus some.
    They engineer the economy for the ultra rich. It would serve them best to allow the workers to make a living.
    Shapiro is an anomaly. He got lucky in the grand scheme of things. Not to say he didnt work hard and study, but certain things must fall into place to make an income as such he probably has.
    Everyone cant be rich. The pie is only so big. And when 9 people hold more wealth than over 1/2 the worlds population there is going to be huge problems.

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