Ben Shapiro Obliterates Gillette For Toxic Masculinity

Today Gillette puts out  the most creepy ad. This ad is all about how men have created a crisis of masculinity in America that men have trained their boys to be bad that men are somehow responsible for all of the ills in American society here’s a little bit of Gillette which makes its money off of men shaving which by the way shaving is a gender construct his shaving is that that’s something that society has placed on you so if we really want to get rid of the gender constructs we should put your let out of business nobody should shave men women nobody just let your natural body here grow free Gillette why can’t you get over your own gender biases, Gillette in any case runs a commercial all about toxic masculinity in order to virtue signal to the social justice warrior crowd is this the best a man can get because this is running and screaming and texting freak at people and a woman hugging a boy he’s been bullied he’s been going on far too and then we see men on TV sexually harassing women and boys watching on making the same old excuses okay Hugh pause it there for a second so these so the idea here is that all men are sitting by saying boys will be boys when boys do bad things and they’re a bunch of images here that just to make no sense.

Have you ever been at a party where one boy is beating the living hell out of another boy in there like seven and all the fathers are standing around by the barbecues going boys will be boys there are certain areas in which boys are boys they are rambunctious they’re aggressive they tend to fight each other more although that’s true I have never remotely seen a situation where two boys are beating the crap out of each other now the fathers are just standing around going you know boys will be boys you know fast the dad steps in and stops that stuff like immediately and then I love this little scene that they’ve got off a man in an office building putting his hand on a woman shoulder and saying what I think she means is because that’s totally equivalent to sexual harassment maybe she didn’t say

something maybe she said something dumb I mean like we don’t we didn’t see the rest of that conversation so the assumption is that men are constantly telling women to pipe down because of they have to mansplain but a lot of cases of quote-unquote man’s planning I mean frankly to not to play into sexist stereotypes but if we’re going to talk about man’s planning, I haven’t in many

many more scenarios at a dinner party

where the woman is a woman’s planning what
the man just said and this happens all
the time all the time because men are
dunderheads and men say dumb stuff and
then their wives have to step in and say
well you know Bob I think what you
really meant to say was because when
people say things that are dumb other
people want to explain away the things
they said that are dumb but any time a
man any time man says this to a woman
now it must be that it’s immediately
sexist and then you’ve got a bunch of
men standing by the barbecues saying
boys will be boys because that’s what
men have been doing for generations it’s
just shying shining pretending the toxic

masculinity and in toxicity is no

problem that’s it’s been too much male
presence that is destroyed America
that’s really the message of this
Gillette commercial and continues along
these lines
change and then we get clips of ana
kasparian from the young turks come on
and there will be no going back because
we we believe in the best in men come on
to say the right thing to act the right
way and that’s I think that’s my
favorite part of the commercial is a
good-looking girl walks down the street
and a guy goes uh-huh and another guy
goes hey dude not cool you cannot find
that girl attractive very bad I mean if
you walk up to her and you ask her for
her phone number immediately you are

part of rape culture now it’s this
commercial which lumps in masculinity
with toxic masculinity as though it’s
been father’s inculcating toxic
masculinity is sheer nonsense you want
to know what has created serious
problems in American society it’s a lack
of men not over not not over a presence
of men it’s been dearth of men that has
created massive problems in American
society today according to the US Census
Bureau some twenty three percent of
American children live with a single
mother that percentage has tripled since
1960 as of 2012 fifty five percent of
black kids and thirty-one percent of
Hispanic kids live with one parent
predominantly the mother and are they
getting a male presence at school no it
turns out seventy six percent of

teachers are female
eighty percent of social workers are
female at the same time toxic
masculinity has risen so maybe it’s that
in the absence of a strong male presence
providing guidance to young men while
you end up with is toxic masculinity
because it turns out if you are getting
your male influence from other teenagers
teenagers are stupid and more aggressive
and they make worse decisions so it’s
not that there’s been too many fathers
inculcating bad ideas and their kids
it’s that there have been too few
fathers around to teach their sons
responsibility and decency that’s the
major problem in American society
not too much masculinity this is why
it’s so ugly when folks on the Left

merge masculinity and toxic masculinity
when they suggest that you know it’s
it’s really the presence of father’s and
fathers have to rethink what masculinity
means know maybe what you need is more
fathers who thought along the lines of
traditional masculinity being a
gentleman taking responsibility
providing containing your emotions to
the extent that they don’t take control
of you it’s really
again the fact is that it is dearth of
men that have created that has created
the massive problem 70% of inmates grew
up in one parent home as of 1987 the
Center for Children and Families found
that 70% of gang members high school

dropouts teen suicides teen pregnancies
and teen substance abusers come from
single mother homes so maybe the best a
man can get is a father maybe the best a
man can get is being a dad and a husband
maybe the best a man can get is not lack
of masculinity it’s more masculinity
because traditionally masculinity is
what stands between innocent people and wolves.


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