“Blatant Anti-Semite” Ilhan Omar gets GRILLED by Ben Shapiro

Earlier today, Ben Shapiro clearly labels Ilhan Omar a blatant anti-semite. But his main gripe is with the Left’s attitude to Ilhan Omar. He believes that people like this who say things like “Israel is a Jewish ISIS,” should be marginalized from the Democratic party for her opinions.

Ilhan Omar in Congress. She is in the Foreign Affairs Committee. She has power. She was elected and deserves to have the right to express her views as the representative of her district. However, the vast majority within the Democratic party should also express their rights by calling her out. They should distance themselves from her opinions of Jews and Israel and say loudly – she is an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, and should be treated as such.

Many liberals treat President Trump like a radical right-winger to never support – just because he didn’t distance himself from the Charlottesville protesters. Well, if so, are Omar’s radical Jew-hating more acceptable to the left? The silence of the Democratic leadership is deafening. Even CNN can’t accept some of Omar’s radical theories and have confronted her.


But the others Democrats in Congress have been silent about her. The left needs some integrity, Will anybody stand up?




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