BREAKING! Jim Jordan Demands the Resignation & Prosecution of Joe Biden

BREAKING! Jim Jordan Demands the Resignation & Prosecution of Joe Biden

BREAKING! Jim Jordan Demands the Resignation & Prosecution of Joe Biden

Ohio congress man, Jim Jordan has joined Republican calls for President Joe Biden to resign over his administration’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ended rumors of impeachment proceedings.

“What happened in Afghanistan was wrong. It was terrible. But frankly, it wasn’t surprising because what has this guy done right?” the Ohio Republican said on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday.


“Everything this guy touches, it goes bad. That’s why I said he should resign.”“This has never happened before, Thirteen service members killed, Americans left behind, allies left behind, billions of dollars of equipment and weapons left behind. And some of the Afghans who have come to America haven’t been properly vetted,” he added.

Dozens of House and Senate Republicans have called for Biden to resign or be removed from office after a terror attack killed 13 U.S. service members in Kabul amid the final leg of the U.S. evacuation effort.

David Espinoza. Nicole Gee. Darin Hoover. Ryan Knauss. Hunter Lopez. Rylee McCollum. Dylan Merola. Kareem Nikoui. Daegan Page. Johanny Rosario Pichardo. Humberto Sanchez. Jared Schmitz. Max Soviak.


Their deaths are pathetic and was also preventable. By haphazardly withdrawing from Afghanistan with no plan and no preparation, President Joe Biden put our troops in harm’s way. Thirteen American families have been devastated as a direct result of Joe Biden’s complete and embarrassing incompetence.

There is no excuse for his failure.When Biden created a chaotic disaster in Afghanistan, he claimed that he simply wanted to get our troops home. There were 2,500 troops in Afghanistan before his withdrawal. He ended up sending in 7,000 more to clean up his mess. Among those troops were these thirteen heroes, who were the very best of us, and represented the true meaning of American service and sacrifice.

The man who claimed to plan for every contingency left the Taliban billions of dollars of American military equipment — including Blackhawk helicopters. And hundreds of Americans remain trapped behind enemy lines.


The president left American citizens to die in a terrorist-controlled war zone.Biden has betrayed the American people. He lied, he failed, and he has proven himself fundamentally unfit to serve as our president.

If Biden had an ounce of human decency, he would resign. Sadly, he doesn’t. He likely doesn’t even fully understand the catastrophic, tragic events that he set in motion.




  1. Joe Biden is the AntiChrist! Joe Biden and Harris, Dr. Fauci and any Democrat that thinks, its ok to destroy our Country, the killing of American solders and allies and fellow American’s left behind enemy lines . You belong in prison for Treason, Us American’s, we have eye’s and ears and Can see all the lie’s and B.S., Crimes against Humanity Democrats do not belong in the White House, If you ask me? they are racist against there own American Citizen’s.

    • THANKYOU for this very honest defensive statement!!!! America needs your voice! Impeach and hang as we would say! This man is a murderer and a,traitor and deserves to be held up as a man deserving of the worst punishment possible.

      • I agree. The charges should be Treason and prisoned at GITMO until charges are implemented. After tied and conviction. Take before a firing squad and shot or hung by the neck until dead. Americans should not have to pay one red cent to take care of this traitor! Once dead there is no chance for him to ever be released by another Democrat in office. America needs to get tough with our leaders that commit treason against our country. Set the Example with Biden and his Democrats.

        • I agree 100% but to add to that not only Biden and the Democrats but also Mitch McConnell and the rest of the RINO’S. They all need to be charged for treason. The Democrats wouldn’t get away with everything if some the Republicans would
          stop them.

      • Let’s call him and his administration what they are , Joe Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Hilary Clinton , and the rest of the democratic party , are all DOMESTIC TERRORIST, along with the new gastappo FBI.

      • Let’s call him and his administration what they are , Joe Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Hilary Clinton , and the rest of the democratic party , are all DOMESTIC TERRORIST, along with the new gestappo FBI.

    • Violating your oath of office is the equivalent of treason aiding and abetting the enemy to destroy this constitutional republic in which Every Elected and appointed representative of the government From the postman to the president are required to swear an oath to uphold protect and defend so help you, God! if you violate your oath of office you have lied to God and you have lied to the American people when you violate your oath of office, a maximum of law states: to know a thing and to be bound to know a thing is the equivalent in law: every legislator who votes against the existing Constitution of the United States of America is guilty of treason!

      The 200+ Legislators who voted against the Constitution pertaining to the assault weapons ban are guilty of treason against the American people and are guilty of violating the solemn oath of office, where is the investigation into the crimes of the legislative body? And why have no representatives filed charges against those 200+ individuals who have violated There Oath of office, and the rest of the representatives have now become conspirators in that crime aiding and abetting those who violated their oath of office by not filing charges against the representatives who have violated the oath and rules of office! Are the legislators not required to report crimes or file charges of crimes being performed in the legislative body?

      If there is no enforcement of the Violation of the oath of office then why have an oath of office???

      Bill Sharpe Sussex County Delaware,7/31/2022.

    • Joe BIDEN,IS CONTROLLED BY SATAN!, SO IS PELOSI, I think most of Washington is don’t forget SCHUMER, AND MITCH M’C CONNEL STENNY HOYER, pure evil along with F.B.I.& C.I.A VERY SAD!!!

  2. I think Americans need to message or call their representatives and demand impeachment of the Biden Administration and Pelosi and/or treason for Biden and Harris..

  3. Briben would not be in the white house. If it was NOT for the LYING TREASONOUS MAIN STREAM NEWS AND ZUCKERFUCK, FACE BOOK, TWITTER AND YOUTUBE SENCERUNG TJE TRUTH AND PUTTING ALL THE MISINFORMATION ABOUT THE 2020 ELECTION. Anyone with more than two brain cells can clearly see all the fraud and bullshit actions to rig the election for briben and all the criminal demonkrats. So anyone who helped fraudulently out briben in office are just as guilty as briben for all his treasonous and illegal actions against America and the legal American citizens. NOW TODAY GET HTHEM OUT!!!

  4. Biden doing what OBAMA order him to do! Every DEMOCRAT AND RINO that stand behind this fool should be EXECUTED WITH HIM! There is NOT ONE MEMBER OF BIDEN ADMINISTRATION THAT WAS NOT PART OF OBAMA ADMINISTRATION! They all need to be try and execute for failing to understand the CONSTITUTION LAWS for those who are in political position. Those laws are not just for the people who VOTED FOR THESE POLITICIANS! These politicians WORK FOR THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THEM TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE! So if BIDEN won the ELECTION WHY ARE DEMOCRAT UP AND MAD OVER THIS? THAT SHOW YES THERE WAS CHEATING! There was laws changed to benefit the democrats party! It happened every time the REPUBLICANS WIN THE WHITE HOUSE! Democrats house control the voting rights, but they break the constitution laws to win!

    • Very well said! I appreciate your knowledge of the constitution too. Whatever law they want they get, and if not passed in Congress then Obama, I mean Biden, who is not my president, will use executive privilege to pass laws that are unconstitutional regardless of executive power!
      He certainly is purposely trying to bankrupt our country, make it known that we are weak to China, Russia and Iran, increasing division in our country,and soooo much more in his goal of socialism/communism. His clan want to rule this country, keep us poor, while they are all billionaires.
      1 more thing, I just watched a Fox News report that made you aware that we, the USA, should be planning for WWIII, not 5 years from now, but assume its soon, as we don’t know as citizen’s, but he and his clan should be quite aware. The problem is, we are retiring battle ships, and planes, and are not equipped to go into battle, thanks to Biden, which was done on purpose, why? Maybe Biden and his mob will be spared?? They are a delirious group. Never have their been a time quite like this, its scary and could of all been prevented, had our real president been in office where he belongs!

    • What Joe Biden Done was very serious and needs to RESIGNATION AND PROSECUTED TALIBAN got Billions in our Military stuff that was Done DILIBULITY From Biden then there’s AFGHANISTAN 13 Troops Died Because of Biden the troops should OF NEVER LEFT FIRST then the Americans leave last they had NO CHANCE IN THE WORLD stuck in A TERRORIST COUNTRY the Americans were held Hostage several Died and Joe never took FULL RESPONSIBILITY NOR DID BIDEN WANTED TO HELP THE AMERICANS come Back home safe.. EVERYTHING Biden Done it’s always been Done AssBackWards DILIBULITY on PURPOSE THEN there’s CHINA BRIBES SCANDLES ELLIGLE DEALINGS and never stopped same place Hunter works with CHINA Joe’s Millions 10% cut from China that’s ELLIGLE DEALINGS with A foreign country THEN THERE’S RUSSIA Joe Biden’s ELLIGLE DEALINGS WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN BIDEN’S lies scheming elligle DEALINGS never STOPPED sense Biden was VP at the time….. OMFW Joe’s FAILURES Reckless Behavior RECKLESS SPENDING TRILLIONS IN DEBT all Done on PURPOSE Biden’s Been acting like A MOB BOSS FOR MANY YEAR’S and Been getting away with it especially committing Treason Ballot Fraud ELECTION Fraud

  5. It’s obvious to anyone that has eyes to see. Most of our elected officials, especially those on the left broke their oaths of office. Clinton,Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Shift,etc,etc,etc, have bankrupted and sold us to the communist. They have lied cheated, committed fraud, taken bribes and did it during war times. That’s treason. Worthy of death! But that would be to easy. They need to be stripped of all and Imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives. God can send them to hell when he gets them. And their media accomplices to go with them. A greater evil I have not seen. If their aloud to continue mark my words they will fill those camps Obama had built for “domestic terrorists ” with our loved ones. What’s it going to take to wake us up? Looking through the cages their building to hold us in while they construct the guillotines.

  6. How can you impeach an imposter? (Joe’s middle name is very indicative of who he really is.) If you do end up “impeaching” him, what have you got? Another one just as bad, if not worse! He’s “robbed it” from, not only President Trump, and the 13 service persons, but from all mankind, including those in the future! He doing what obama didn’t have the guts or the power to do while I’m the office. He’s a patsy, playing patty cake with him and Soros and China along with the highest bidder now. If it weren’t for the rinos and the “chinos” (church in name only) and media, he wouldn’t have had a prayer!

  7. He is the definition of corruption.A thief and a liar.he sold his soul for money.he has no honor or concence.his failure is coplete.blinded by greed and pride.

  8. Biden will NEVER resign, as he thinks he’s entitled to be President!!! Democrats are an entitled group of racist, and bigoted entitled hypocrites who think they have the right to tell everyone how they should live!!!! Because he will not resign, he (and his poor excuse of a VP) should be impeached!!!

  9. Intelectual denial, moral cowardice and failure to acknowledge substantiated evidence are contributing factors in the utter catastrophe occuring across the Nation today.

    The nation is pretending to be the land of the free and home to the brave, but permitting A Derilict President to remain in office is beyond unconscionable, beyond rational and beyond reasonable.

    Why is the goal of getting along, become the norm, when our nation is sinking like the titanic from individuals committing treason before thousands of Americans and few stand against it.

    Living is important, preserving life is important, but to live life without principles and conviction to that which is right, noble and true is unforgivable.

    The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the United States.

    When individuals rob a bank, the police are contacted to arrest the bank robbers.

    When a building is on fire, the fire department is contacted to put out the fire.

    When there is a water leak under a kitchen sink or toilet, a plumber is contacted to stop the leak.

    When a President fails to send the National Guard, to the border when their is an invasion occuring, 450 members of Congress have a duty to remove him, by impeaching him.

    Joe Biden has sent 100,000 American military men to Europe, sent 60 billion to a foreign country, flew in 300 Afghanistan Muslims on military aircraft, then displaced Americans on bases, stopped the wall from being built, stopped a Pipeline from being built, not stopped District Attorneys from releasing Murderers in 5 states, not indicted 11 Governors for oath violation, high jacked Homeland Security agents and Airplanes and buses to bring in 5000 plus illegal aliens to 10 plus states.

    These are not decisions of a man who honors his oath of office.

    He is violating statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding, and Abetting illegal aliens 7 days a week.

    He is violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution, 7 days a week. He is not providing for a Republican form of Government, he has not stopped a real invasion of our nation.

    Death and destruction are following this man every day of the week.

    Why do rational people put up with their resources, being squandered, being used by illegal aliens, foreign countries for absolutely no Constitutional basis.

    It is time to wake the he’ll up Americans.

    Stop permitting A man who is making decisions which contradict the Constitution, contradict his oath, and is being openly Derilict in his sworn legal duties.

    The Supreme Court Justices are lawyers, the Attorney General is a Lawyer, many members of Congress are lawyers,

    Why are each abdicating their duty, to stop a Treasonist individual pretending to be a President.

    Unconscionable apathy to arrest a lawbreaker in the White House is occuring.

    The inalienable right to life and liberty is being attacked by a Derelict President, whose decisions are both unconstitutional and illegal but irrational and insane.

    Time for the Grand Jury today.

    Indict oath violators today.

    18 U.S.C. 1918 is oath of office violation.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

  10. I find it hard to believe 300 million Americans are putting up with a Derilict President, who is

    1) violating his oath of office daily,

    2)violating Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution, he is not protecting the Nation from an invasion.

    3)violating statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding and Abetting illegal aliens daily.

    4) He has Sent 40,000 American Military personnel 5 thousand miles from the California, Arizona and Texas Border to Poland to defend Ukraine.

    5) He took part in sending 10 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while Vice President, plus 150 billion to Iran.

    6) He knew about Obama selling Arms to A Mexican Drug Cartel, one gun which was used directly to kill a Border agent.

    7) He has told the Homeland Security Chief to fly 50 thousand plus illegal aliens into 10 plus states.

    8) He has permitted 300 plus Afghanistan people to be Flown in on Military Planes to live on Military bases.

    9) There are right now, 11 Governors who are violating their oaths with the approval of the Attorney General.

    By permitting A completely Unconstitutional, illegal and irrational decision to not detain illegal aliens in their state, plus give many a driver’s license to eventually drive Drunk and kill more Americans Citizens.

    They are violating statute 1324, and Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution.

    10) This is occuring while 100,000 American Troops are cleaning their bathrooms with tooth brushes, eating three meals a day, wearing clean uniforms, practicing shooting at targets, blowing up dirt hills, running in the mud, climbing ropes, talking loud to each other, writing letters to their girlfriends, talking to their parents, watching television, being yelled at by a drill instructor, Marching in clean uniforms in front of their families, playing football in Army Navy Games, taking pictures of themselves with clean uniforms on, playing rock music in bands for entertainment, drinking beer.

    Our Nation is being invaded by 100,000 Illegal aliens each month.

    10 million illegal aliens need to be detained and deported.

    8 million Muslims have already entered our nation who each need to be detained and deported.

    Americans are paying taxes to a government which is protecting known lawbreakers, not indicting known oath violators, not indicting known individuals who have committed Treason, individuals in court who are undermining civic order, by releasing known Murderers, D.A. s in 5 plus states being bribed by George Soros, not indicting Schools Boards who have undermined the delinquency of minors with perversion in books distributed at Public high schools. Violating code 847. 1 to 20.

    Our nation stands in a state of utter and complete betrayal and defience to everything that is good, pure and noble.

    The government is rotten to the core.

    30 Military Bases with men who are being paid to defend the Nation, but not sent to the border is both irrational and shameful.

    The National Guard not detaining illegal aliens and Muslims in every state is an oath violation and an act of betraying the tax payers who gave them a job to do.

    A Dark Darkness has come over the United States today.

    Read the Preamble, the Constitution immediately and put some sweat on your brow, to restore the rule of law.

    We’re burning daylight Americans, Get to work.

    Lexington and Concord on the Green in 2022.

    Have a Paul Revere and Patrick Henry Day

  11. The same 150,000 American men who landed on the Normandy Coast of France, June 6th, 1944, today would land on the East Coast of United States North and South of WashingtonD.C, with Guns Blazing, to rescue the January 6th Detainees.

    They would arrest every Representative and Senator and the President.

    They would have a Court Trial before a Judge for each to determine if they violated their oaths to the Constitution.

    Did they violate Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution?

    Yes or no!

    Do the states they come from protect illegal aliens from being detained and deported?

    If the answer is yes,

    1) Each violated their oaths,
    2) Each violated statute 1324, by Harboring, Aiding and Abetting illegal aliens.

    Oath violators receive a 5 year penalty.


    THE PEOPLE WHO DETAINED THE January 6th citizens would be tried for violating the 6th Amendment right of each detainee.

    The Detainers of the jail, are guilty of oath violation.

    The Detainers are guilty of Unlawfull arrest of citizens under Color of Law.

    Every person who works at detention center is guilty of Unlawful detention of citizens under Color of Law.

    The 150,000 Americans would locate every Sanctuary Governor and assembly members who voted for Sanctuary Policy.

    Arrest each and every one.

    Put on Trial before a Judge.

    Read the Penalty for oath violation to each of them.

    Read them Statute 1324.

    Identify Americans directly killed by the illegal Sanctuary policy, in last 3 years.

    Convict each Governor and Assembly member, Senator, and Representative of being derelict in fulfilling their Sworn legal duty, to uphold their oath.

    Convict each of violating statute 1324.

    Convict each for being an accessory before the fact of Murder.

    25 plus years in a Federal Prison for each.

    Next the leader of the 150,000 men would locate the F.B.I. building and arrest every F.B.I. agent.

    Put each of them before a Judge.

    Ask one question of each.

    Did you know the Information concerning Trump was fraudulent, fake and made up?

    If you knew, and did nothing.

    You violated your oath of office.

    Send each to prison for 25 years.

    Next the leader, and 150,000 Men would locate and identify each Pharmaceutical company C.E.O and employees directly involved in making a vaccine, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, which contains graphine oxide nano particles, and aluminum.

    Then go to 25 hospitals in each state, which participated in the fraudulent administration of the vaccine filled with Graphine Oxide nano particles.

    Identify each Doctor and nurse who injected Americans with the vaccine.

    Bring each before a Judge.

    Read the Hypocritic Oath.

    Indict each for Medical Negligence for knowingly injuring and doing harm to their patients.

    They each violated the Hypocritic Oath.

    They each committed medical negligence which harmed their patients.

    Send each to prison for battery and Murder of 1 million Americans and injuring 800,000 Americans.

    The vaccine which was injected into millions of Americans, who then died and were directly injured as a result of the poison in the vaccine.

    Each C.E.O. and employees would be on Trial before a Judge.

    The Judge would read the evidence and show pictures to each C E.O. and employees of hundreds and thousands of Americans both killed and injured by their fraudulent product which contains graphine oxide nano particles

    1 million Americans directly killed from poisonings from Graphine Oxide nano particles and Aluminum.

    800,000 Americans directly injured from the vaccine.

    The judge would Read the Nuremberg Codes 1 to 10 to each.

    The Judge would read the Hypocritic Oath.

    The Judge would look at the facts and evidence and convict each accordingly.

    Anything less is Treason against reason, rationality and the rule of law.

    A Republic would be restored.

    Call your local District Attorney and Attorney General of your state.

    Ask some serious questions.

    Have a Paul’s Revere and Patrick Henry Day

  12. We all know Biden did not win the 2020 election, the election was rigged and the democrats are going to do this again during this coming mid election and 2024 presidential elevation. There is a simple way to stop the election frauds that we should do and make sure they don’t succeed to do it again.
    A few days before elections all Americans that are republicans should wear RED from top to bottom, and rally all over United States, and let’s see if there is really a 80 million democrat
    BIDEN VOTERS OUT TGERE. if all those voting for Trump on 2024 and republic for the mid term wear red it will be very obvious what the
    Majority votes are.

  13. Werent impeachment proceedings against biden filed like a year and a half ago by marjery taylor green? So why no movement on it what so ever?

  14. Joe BIDEN,IS CONTROLLED BY SATAN!, SO IS PELOSI, I think most of Washington is don’t forget SCHUMER, AND MITCH M’C CONNEL STENNY HOYER, pure evil along with F.B.I.& C.I.A VERY SAD!!!

  15. Is any of this “talk” going to force Biden to resign? No! His puppet masters won’t allow it. They’re the ones that should be front page bold letter news. Force them to resign, or better yet, charge them with treason, lock them up pending, and execute them according to the constitutional provisions provided.

  16. All of this is by design Donald Trump was not supposed to be elected president he messed up the plans these treasonous traitors Democratic party and Republican rhinos head for the US as you can see Joe Biden went straight to work destroying everything that our president Donald Trump accomplished and everyone with a half a brain knows that President Trump put this country on the road to prosperity safety in peace relative peace around the world but the Democrats these Democrats had other plans they’ve been working on turning this country into Venezuela for a long time the globalist that’s the word they use the globalist that means the top one percent in this world the billionaire run the world in several different places around the globe the
    United States is the last stronghold of freedom on this planet if the United States falls the rest of the world the rest of the free world will fall why do you think that babbling idiot Joe Biden was installed into the White House he’s a puppet for the globalist and there’s lots of money in it for him and his family not only is there tons of money involved with these globalist but there are some other sick individuals i’m talking about super sick and most of these Democrats are involved has anyone thought about where all those children that go missing every year where did they go is anyone even thought about these children hundreds of children go missing every year in Bidens got the border where they can move these kids in and out of the border every single person every agency run by this government they are involved in making this sick underground train work now it’s time to bring out the evidence and everyone of these sick SOBs must be publicly punished for their crimes publicly if they have to set up a television special cable news station where everyone can see these people being punished that’s what has to be done about five or six years ago I heard a radio program talking about the missing kids missing babies it was sickening to finally see and understand what is actually going on nobody wants to believe it I didn’t want to believe it but you think about the thousands of babies they’ve been aborting all these years and what are they doing with these aborted babies they had a program that told the world a television program they caught them talking about selling baby parts it didn’t stay on the news very long they shut it down out of sight out of mind it’s itime to bring it to the front it’s time we start asking where are all these babies going and where are all these aborted babies going and they sick SOBs are talking about the actual day of birth aborting a baby I know everyone’s heard of that knowing that knowing that that’s what they were doing is that not give you any idea of what’s going on behind the scenes with the sick people or up to well it’s time to put our president Donald John Trump back to work in the White House when we can get this country cleaned up is this keeps going on do you not think God will destroy this nation it’s worse here than it was when he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah wake up people for God sakes they’re killing and murdering babies in the womb and we must think our president Donald John Trump and our first lady Melania and the Trump family we also must think all of the patriots that are still fighting to keep our nation free we must thank them for removing the veil from the eyes of the American people remember no mercy for these evil traitors to our country and pray that God will bless the United States of America


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