Recently, the State Department Inspector General revealed that the Federal Records Act was breached by Hillary Clinton. In their own inquiry of several offenses supposedly committed by Clinton, the FBI was engaged. So what did she do precisely?

As Secretary of State, under the Federal Records Act, Hillary Clinton was needed to have a public server that will automatically store all emails to safeguard national security by law. Instead, Hillary had built a secret server in her home, compromising Top Secret and Classified information supposedly hacked into by foreign sources.


Several of these messages have been so categorized; they have damaged the worldwide identity of CIA agents placing their mission and lives at risk. Hillary also used her Blackberry to perform public company and permitted top secret data to be accessed by staff.

When Hillary stepped down as Secretary of State, she signed the “Separation Statement” of the State Department that she “does not hold files in her possession, custody or control” and that she understood “that Section 1001 of Title 18, U.S. Code, offers criminal penalties for such violations.” However, Hillary “knowingly and willfully” hidden thousands of messages she had sent and received.


55,000 documents were handed over on February 1, 2013. The penalty is up to one year in prison and $100,000 fine per document for storing classified messages on a non-government, unsecured email server. Hillary deleted about 32,000 emails, however, claiming that they were private.

Why would Hillary risk such offences? An investigative report from the New York Times also disclosed that the Clintons were engaged in secret deals of greed, corruption and betrayal where Hillary used her role as Secretary of State to approve the sale of American uranium deposits to an associate named Frank Guistra, who sold it to Russia in exchange for a gift of $100 million to the Clinton Foundation.


The penalty for knowingly dissimulating or destroying each government email record is 3 years in prison per offense, a crime that would ban her from holding public office, including obviously the presidency.


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  1. She sold Americans uranium to Russia that in it self is very Bad and got 100 mil for her Clinton foundation (not good) lock her up.

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