Thousands packed Parliament Square before the Brexit vote, with pro-EU supporters outnumbering Leave protesters around Westminster on Tuesday evening.

But both groups joined a chorus of disapproval ringing out against Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement, which was crushed by 432 votes to 202 around 7.40pm.

Chris Hoare, 60, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, told Mrs May had one simple solution to her Brexit puzzle: a no-deal Brexit with WTO rules.


He said: “She’s a fake, she was remain, she is Remain. She’s giving us an awful deal, which hopefully won’t be accepted.

“Where we go after that I really don’t know. Her deal is awful. It’s worse than being in the EU. I mean what is she thinking.


“I think we need to go straight to WTO rules and leave. Simple!”

Mrs May faces a battle for survival after her deal was annihilated by a majority of 230 votes

In other News PM Theresa May staggers on as Prime Minister after her government won a confidence vote, but the path forward for Brexit remains unclear.


May’s government won by 325 to 306

Though on the surface of it, Theresa May’s victory looks narrow, it was always expected to be very close.

There are 650 seats in the House of Commons. 317 belong to May’s Conservatives; 256 belong to Labour; 35 belong to the Scottish Nationalists; 11 to the Liberal Democrats; 10 to the Democratic Unionists Party; 8 to the independents; 7 to Northern Ireland’s Sinn Fein (who in protest at rule from Westminster do not take their seats); 4 to the Welsh Plaid Cymru; 1 Green; and 1 to the speaker of the house, who though a Conservative, does not vote in parliamentary votes.

May currently has a confidence and supply arrangement with the DUP, giving her 327 votes. The rest are opposition and were whipped to vote against the government. There are always abstentions for various reasons. Only 631 MPs voted in tonight’s vote (a high turnout).


So while the vote may at a glance look as though it squeaked through, it was always going to be the case.


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