California Democratic Party Chairman to seek treatment for alcohol abuse following sexual misconduct allegations

The California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman, on leave as a result of a recent sexual misconduct investigation, said Wednesday that he would seek alcohol treatment.

The announcement was due to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct published by the Los Angeles Times earlier in the day. Amongst the accusers is a woman who said she temporarily was working for the party during election season when Bauman asked if she and another worker were sleeping together.

“I felt really embarrassed, almost ashamed, and uncomfortable,” Grace Leekley told the Times. “I’m basically bottom-of-the-barrel staff — and he’s the most powerful man in the party.”


Without affirming or denying the allegations, Bauman said in a statement, “I deeply regret if my behavior has caused pain to any of the outstanding individuals with whom I’ve had the privilege to work. I appreciate the courage it took for these individuals to come forward to tell their stories.”

Bauman added: “I will use the time I am on leave to immediately seek medical intervention to address serious, ongoing health issues and to begin treatment for what I now realize is an issue with alcohol.”


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