“Clinton WORST NIGHTMARE Just Came Through” Congress To Go After KEY PLAYERS In Clinton Russia-Collusion

After two solid years of thorough investigation into Trump-Russia Collusion both the House Intelligence Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee have turned up empty, with no evidence to tie the President to the Russians. But even though same cannot be said about the Clinton-Campaign and its ties to the Russians, the democrats have been relentless in making sure Hillary Clinton is kept out of the Russia-Collusion limelight.

Hillary Clinton, Regardless of the security risk, has been in bed with the Russians long before POTUS came into the picture. Clinton’s handprint have been all over Russia from the very beginning. From her effort

  • In 2010 to reboot U.S.-Russian relations after years of hostility
  • Facilitating U.S. companies to work with Russian projects
  • Her business dealing which involved the sale of uranium one sale
  • With both her charity organization and herself, financially benefiting from the Russians.

According to The Hill,
“The intersections between the Clintons, the Democrats and Russia carried into 2016, when a major political opposition research project designed to portray GOP rival Donald Trump as compromised by Moscow was launched by Clinton’s presidential campaign and brought to the FBI.”


With the bulk load of evidence connecting Hillary Clinton and her campaign to the Russians, displaying financial payoff’s of government officials and intelligence firms, it confirms real Collusion between her campaign and Russia unlike what years of wasted American resources into Russian Collusion investigation has proven in the case of President Trump.

In a bombshell report by the Hill,
Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS research firm was secretly hired by the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party through their law firm, Perkins Coie.

operative Christopher Steele — whom the FBI learned was “desperate” to defeat Trump — to write an unverified dossier suggesting that Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia to hijack the election.

Simpson, Steele and Perkins Coie all walked Trump-Russia related allegations into the FBI the summer before the election, prompting agents who openly disliked Trump to launch a counterintelligence probe of the GOP nominee shortly before Election Day.

Simpson and Steele also went to the news media to air the allegations in what senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr would later write was a “Hail Mary” effort to influence the election.


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