CNN Reporter Chris Cuomo Challenges Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte to come Body-Slam him

On Friday night CNN’s Chris Cuomo threw down a challenge to Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.)

Chris Cuomo began by comparing the crowd roaring to Trump’s praise for Gianforte to Romans who roared “when lions mauled someone in the arena.”


Cuomo also asked why Trump always praises bullies and “celebrates punks who go after the little guy.”

Chris Cuomo dubbed Gianforte “weak” over the attack. The congressman pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault because he charged at “someone who wasn’t a threat.”


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  1. The Cuomo Sisters, whether it’s the Leftist Murdering Pig of a Governor, of NY, or his gay brother Fredo, who only would stop lying long enough on the Commie News Network, for a taste of lemon. Should be in Prison for what’s left of their useless lives.
    Just my opinion, but should be yours too.

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