Conservative watchdog slams Nancy Pelosi with Fresh lawsuit over illegal impeachment proceedings 

Conservative watchdog slams Nancy Pelosi with Fresh lawsuit over illegal impeachment proceedings 

Conservative watchdog slams Nancy Pelosi with Fresh lawsuit over illegal impeachment proceedings

A coalition of conservative groups has filed an ethics complaint against Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claiming that she has usurped authority from the executive branch and “weaponized” the impeachment process.

In launching her ‘official’ impeachment inquiry without benefit of a vote of the full House of Representatives and without indicating anything remotely qualifying as ‘treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors’ that is the subject of the inquiry, Speaker Pelosi has weaponized impeachment.



According to Libertywip

The complaint alleged that Thursday’s vote on a resolution codifying the impeachment inquiry is “inadequate at this stage” and says Pelosi’s “one-person decision” is in violation of historical precedent.


“If she now understands that before going any further, the full House of Representatives must make its impeachment inquiry legitimate by the casting of votes, she is tacitly admitting that what came before is illegitimate,” the complaint states.

“Consequently, all ‘evidence’ gleaned during this portion of the ‘investigation’ must be discarded for the sake of fairness.”

The complaint also notes that there was no outrage from Pelosi when Biden openly “bragged that he had leveraged more than a billion dollars in U.S. assistance to Ukraine to achieve [a] desired policy end, threatening Ukrainian government officials that he would deny them U.S. assistance if they did not remove the prosecutor general within six hours.”


Trump recently called the inquiry a political lynching because it is clearly a kangaroo court guided by mob hysterics rather than due process. Democrats criticized him with much sound and fury over the word “lynching.” But that’s exactly the same word Joe Biden used to describe the Clinton impeachment. And unlike the transparency and due process in that impeachment, the secrecy and duplicity in this one makes the term lynching at least understandable if not entirely appropriate.




  1. All this is a advertising, no evidence, what I call propaganda, same type of disinformation tactics as other YouTube channels! If there was truly evidence to support there clams, you would see copies of documents filed and dated and stamped. But once again hearsay, just alot of wind with sailing ship to show any progress!

    • You should of been following sense the November 3rd 2020 election there’s so much proof and how it led up to January 6th ..Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer , Joe Biden , Hunter Biden, lizCheney .. there’s so much corruption going on in our government right now but because of Trump who still working for free for Americans hes fighting back for all of us even the ones that hate him last ke you ,even Trump said that he’s in the way, that he’s given America back to the Americans .The radical left are just burying themselves, listen to the words that Nancy says coming out of her mouth ,she doesn’t answer the question ,she just attacks the person asking it and Joe Biden there’s so much corruption so much proof !! videos , why would people be videoing inside the capital in the first place , look at the pictures, find the videos , there’s proof you just got to find it and I’m not going through to find it for you , that’s your job maybe you can go to my page or just plain right out listen to the truth news , news max , oan, right side broadcasting ,flashpoint ,Epoch times too . Stay away from msm news they never show proof because it’s all hearsay if you listen to The true News they tell the truth plus show the proof ..

      • I think it is time for Patriots to take a stand against these criminals… Pelosi needs to be gone now!


  2. I think Hunter Biden art work is computer generated with word messaging codes passing valuable information back to who ever is buying it. How else can it be so valuable.

  3. Omg trump was living off of the taxpayers. He stuffed his pockets with Americans money by doing stuff like charging the secret service agents room n board every time hed go stay at his hotel or resort. Not the going rate either he made the government pay 3x the regular price it didnt stop with just the price of the room ever night for each agent he charged them for everything food drink ect. His kids raked in millions as well. That’s just a sample of all the write offs funneled from the United states taxpayers right into trumps pockets. Lady you need to quit being so gullible. It’s been awhile since you shared your mentality here with the other puppets but I’m guessing you haven’t changed for the better between then n now. Quit watching the actual fake news and learn how to actually do real fact checking. If you’re not rich af then trump wasnt doing anything for you but using you as a tool. He played golf almost every day and spread over 10k lies. One last thing this article was from 2019 so youldve been paying attention ma’am. :p

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