DOJ passes Fresh petition to lock Hillary Clinton up

DOJ passes Fresh petition to lock Hillary Clinton up

DOJ passes Fresh petition to lock Hillary Clinton up

Hilary Clinton “on the edge” again as Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s campaign sent out an email Tuesday calling on supporters to sign a petition to “Lock Up” former Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey.

Tenney was one of 11 Republican House members to sign a letter last week asking the Department of Justice and FBI to open an investigation into Clinton, Comey and others related to their fraudulent activities both during and since after the 2016 election campaign.


DOJ passes Fresh petition to lock Hillary Clinton up

Other listed individuals in the letter were former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as well as FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Lawyer Lisa Page. The above names have been frequently linked with the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible collision with the Trump campaign.

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A spokesperson for the campaign said: “The email states that the individuals listed along side Clinton have been referred for criminal investigation. They should of course receive due process. Rep. Tenney’s position is that no one is above the law.

Rep. Claudia was particularly interested in the Clinton case as she quoted “To kill a snake you need to cut the head off” sighting that to prosecute the other persons, you need to get the leader first referring to Hilary Clinton.

The phrase “lock her up” isn’t new to most people in the United States of America. The phrase used echoes back to Trump’s campaign during his acrimonious battle with Clinton in 2016, chants of “lock her up” greeted the mention of his opponent’s name.


President Trump some hours ago tweeted below that Hilary Clinton should be held accountable for her crimes…

The Tenney campaign email said that Clinton “potentially broke the law when disguising payments to Fusion GPS, the firm that produced the Trump dossier, in violation of FEC’s mandatory disclosure rules.

Join other Patriotic Americans to sign this petition… To SIGN UP ” CLICK Here


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      • She Killed Libia right before Qadadi turned to gold backed reserves for W Africa. Then she bombarded tbe larvest irrivation proyect in the world Qadafy had just finish.
        She is responsible for their exodus to Europe. Qadafi was great lider and She had him killed. You may think am from tbere. NO I’m South AMERICAN .

  1. Hillary Clinton, should not be treated any better than any ordinary American.
    She’s been covering up many criminal Acts American people demand Justice.

  2. From what I know about the Clintons , all of them , there illegal activities began in Arkansas while Bill was the AG . Drug running , money laundering , dead people , rape and cover ups then in the white house more rape and cover ups , strong arming women not to testify theft of white house property, white water scandal , insider trading and so on . With Hillary as secratary of state 4 men murdered in Benghazi Lybia , open computer server for the world to hack and few more things . So I say hanging is still legal for the act of TREASON .

  3. Why do we need a survey to decide wether or not she needs to be in jail? She and Bill need to be and should have been serving life sentences for a long time now! Maybe the ones who can put them there are afraid they might die of suicide that’s not self -inflicted

  4. The only way the American people are going to believe, in the US justice system is to take the Clinton’s, to court for their crimes. Even if they weren’t convicted, the people would say the government, tried to do something about, the untouchables in this country. There are a lot of criminals, working in the government, that need to be tried, for their crimes. That is true of Congressional people and their staffs. We need to clean up Congress so the government can function like it is suppose to. It is a shame it has gotten so corrupted, we deserve better, as citizens of this country. I hope God will be brought back into our government, like it should be, that is what our forefathers created the constitution to accomplish. Let’s not dishonor their sacrifices, being greedy uncaring people. Just because our government has done that doesn’t mean we have to follow their lead.

  5. Yes Hilliary Obama and his wing boy Lynch Comey Weissman Mueller Mcccabe Stryzok rosenstein Clapper Brennan and more appear to be fully involved in conspiracy to over throw a duley elected President….most likely treason in a military Court for performing a clear coupe attempt is the most leggaly accurate charge that should be made…but our DOJ has been in a corrupted state for so long I don’t know if they can make it to the light of Justice?…I hope so for the sake of our country for the sake of the world.. really…

  6. Hillary will never be president or anything else provided within the Federal, State, County or City Government anywhere in the United States of America, EVER. THAT WOMAN IS ONE SICK EVILISTIC PIECE OF CRAP. She’s highly Dangerous to humanity. She needs to be locked up in a padded cell in an Insane Asylum for the rest of her insane life and have a Lobotomy performed on her. Scary woman!

  7. Hillary Clinton committed treason several times, knowingly putting classified material on non governmental servers and destroying evidence. Huma Abedin contracting IT workers that have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood of which her father was part of. Sale of our Uranium to Fusion one. Her phoney Steele dossier she paid for to unseat an innocent duly elected president. Etc, etc

  8. Hillarystopheles Rougeham – Clintellion and her husband Beelzebub shall be rounded up with all their evil minions and sent to Leavenworth, KS. where they can enjoy the military’s finest incarceration accommodations!
    Welcoming the Satan’ s to their new Suites could just be the political gala of the Millennium. A whirlwind of chatter is buzzing about regarding their new designer suits that I hear are custom made for the Convict King and Queen, shinning silvery shackles that are “oh so” stylish and uncomfortably functional, will be lovely accents to any wardrobe combination! To end the evening, (I’ve been informed by a certain “unnamed” but totally reliable source) the exalted Prince & Princess of Darkness will be crowned the best all time in their trade, surpassing Fernando & Imelda Marcos as the greasiest of “grifters” by pulling off the “Greatest Robbery of a Government” in the entirety of human history! Awards will be issued personally by POTUS and amended in The Guinness Book of WORLD Records.

    This is my bedtime story for America. It’s not quite “Nite Nite Moon” but a catchy, feel good story none the less that I truly believe will be around for many years to come. Besides, after falling asleep to such a glorious tale as this, you are almost assured that a Great Awakening will follow…

  9. Finally! & Brennan & DWS & Brazile & Clappers & state Dept &. Justice Dept & Schiff & Schumer & Waters &&&&&&&&& etc!! This country is a Christian Judeo country stop sharia law in certain states they know who they are and how on gods green earth did we ever get a socialist to be able to even run for the presidential’s

    • you need to read some other material: Diana West will tell you haw the commies have been inserted to take control (very close now) since FDR….islam is a commie front to set the pathway & the apathetic sit by asking ‘why doesn’t the gov do something’? some even believe their vote counts for something: find out who owns the machinery & you may change your belief….QueenRodham controls Fla/Hi, so never expect to see another red win there

  10. We all have been waiting for years to see the wicked witch get locked up but we know that she is protected from up on high. So as I signed the petition I’m thinking that this is nothing but another pipe dream. Prove me wrong please…..

  11. Can’t be just coincidence that so many people have suspicions about the dubious acts that have happened to so many with contacts to the Clinton’s.
    This is the most controversial family in our land, almost like the head American Cartel.
    They must go down.

  12. If this piece of crap HRC is above the law then ALL OF US ARE!!! The treasonous bitch needs to be in GITMO and shot by firing squad.

  13. Why in the heck should we keep paying for Hillary’s crimes? Incarceration is too good for her and costs taxpayers thousands a year. A hollow point is 25 cents! She has earned it!

  14. She Killed Libia right before Qadadi turned to gold backed reserves for W Africa. Then she bombarded tbe larvest irrivation proyect in the world Qadafy had just finish.
    She is responsible for their exodus to Europe. Qadafi was great lider and She had him killed. You may think am from tbere. NO I’m South AMERICAN .

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