Everything you need to know about Kamala Harris and Brett kavanaugh hearings

Still on Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, as am sure many of you are aware Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing have been taken place this week before the senate judiciary committee, Today was the fourth and final day of the hearing.
Today been the last hearing, the Left has been airing a twisted thing entirely.
These are some of their headlines the Left have been presenting it to the public…
CNN posted;
“Kamala Harris grills Kavanaugh on Mueller investigation”


The young turks posted;
“Kavanaugh refuses to answer Senator’s question”


NBC News have the same headline as CNN on their YouTube channel.
This is the Left wing version of what took place in the exchange.
Let’s look at the original clip and see if their motive actually holds up…..
A meeting like this could underscore an inappropriately cozy relationship between Kavanaugh and Trump administration , adding  yet another potential conflict of interest to those that democrats have been hammering throughout the hearing.
Keep in mind that kavanaugh is a federal judge in Washington DC, he has been on the republican radar as a potential Supreme Court nominee for some time now and the special counsel of investigation is arguably the most high profile legal activity currently in the nation.
It is reasonable with no doubt that with someone in kavanaugh’s  position to be tracking the investigation, to be thinking about it and discussing it with his colleagues as he already admitted in doing.
There is nothing wrong in Kavanaugh talking about the special investigation.
As you can tell Kavanaugh is a wise and careful thinker which is what you expect in the supreme court of justice.


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