Barely up to a ternure in Congress, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been caught in another fraudulent act, only this time it’s even more shameful than the last.

She has been involved in several numerous frauds in the past such as immigration fraud where she married her own brother in order to deceive the system, she was also involved in campaign fraud where she funnelled money from her campaign to her lovers account.


This week Ilhan Omar posted a tweet, asking for donations for the Minnesota Food store to help feed the people in this time of crisis. But as usual she had other ulterior motive in mind, as she wanted to pocket the cash all for herself.




Her tweet was later removed that day after the Director of the organization that runs the Minnesota Food Store tweeted out a reply saying she had no involvement with them whatsoever and he doesn’t know where the funds she is receiving is going to.


“I am the Executive Director of GMCC – Minnesota FoodShare is our program. Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with this project. I do not know where the money is going.” tweeted Adrienne.



Yet another @IlhanMN campaign finance problem: @IlhanMN posted this tweet on Tuesday, then deleted it at some point after it received this reply.


Ilhan Omar is a low life criminal who has had a record of crimes in the past and she is not about to stop now.


She is on track to pay the political firm founded by her new husband more than $1 million by the end of the year, campaign finance filings show, and my guess is she doing all she can to pay up her debts even if it includes small crimes.



  1. Yet again she gets away with crimes that normal people go to jail for…how much more do people need to see of this evil bitch.

    • I agree 100%!!! How did she get away with getting into MY Country’s political system? It’s clear she doesn’t give a rat’s @$$. She should go back to her country since she’s trying to push her country’s agenda on us! She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s a traitor!!

    • Look in the mirror, people like you an insurrectionist supporter wanting a dictator for president, why is that, because you can’t maintain your own life, so you need a broke daddies to care of you.

      Wait till your required to carry a DNA ID, to prove your norwegian bloodline to join any all white membership clubs. I’m sure yours less than 45% & remember 1% Saharan African makes you ALL BLACK.

      I’m sure we can expect you in the news screaming racial discrimination.

      • God bless Israelis and the real Americans Omar your a piece of shitt go back to your scummy country we dont want you here GOD bless America and Israel

      • Your so pathetic it’s pitiful. You hate Trump so much,it’s made your mind stupid. Look up the word insurection. Cause you do not know the definition of it. And then look up dictator, cause you do not know the definition of it either. What grade did you drop out of school?

      • You should look up the definition of insurrection as well as dictator. Also sounds like you are the one who is obsessed with race, and anyone who believes the things you wrote is either a Marxist or a fool.

      • hat you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

    • Is politics and I’m very sick of it I think not just her but every one of those America haters should be killed in public they are getting away with murder they should all be hung IN PLUBLIC

  2. Omar needs to be hung like Killary Clinton and the rest of her family deported back to their shit hole country their came from!!!

  3. We are getting rid of all the Tratiors we find, charge them ,put them on trial, and if they are found guilty of TREASON to Our Constution and any other laws , they face the penalty for charges they are found guilty of . And There are to be no exceptions period.

  4. These people have no respect for this country! They have to go ! If they are breaking the law ,lock them up !

  5. These people have no respect for this country! They have to go ! If they are breaking the law ,lock them up !

  6. How about voter fraud she committed. How about immigration fraud by marrarying her brother to get into the US. She should be departed and her brother put in jail and departed. Since when do we allow traitors an thrives into or allowed to stay here.

  7. She’s not just a traitor, she’s linked to jihad terrorist groups and has photos in camo holding very large guns. She’s shouted death to America in videos that have pretty much been removed from all avenues of the internet. How is she even IN our government? Snatch her up and put her in prison already! Damnit!!! Her and aoc should be hung publicly for treason.

    • Her time is running out, I live in the hope that when DJT becomes 47 and cleans out the justice departments there will be many many investigations, prosecutions and more than likely death sentences for treason

  8. When is something going to be done about this terrorist Scumbag piece of caca ? She needs to be sent to her shit whole were she came from. Actually do the same that was done to killary and don’t forget to include the rest of the squad. ? and she has the nerve to say Americans only care about the Benjamins?

  9. IF…SHE WAS SENT BACK …TO SOMALIA….SHE WOULD BE EXECUTED UNDER SHARIA LAW… Married to 2 men…including her in an adulterous relationship w/a white man not muslem..big mouth ..woman… thiief…Laws against the koran..WORKING WITH THE INFIDELS..
    I’m sure ..reality kicks in.. and they STONE HER FOR PRATICE… let’s start a petition

    • I’ve heard this conspiracy stuff about her and Clinton. What is the source? Surly not lipstick. There must be some real proof of these statements. I’m just curious.

  10. She should be arrested for her crimes serve her time.
    All money held and then deported back to her rat infested country she came from.

  11. She definitely needs to be investigated and if found guilty be deported. If it means she will be killed ap oi n her arrival. She has only herself to blame. She is definitely attempting to change our democratic republic to a socialistic government. I believe that she is being protected by the others who also want to change America .Starting with obama who is pushing the New World Order. IT GOES DEEP!

  12. Ilan El Said Omar (Omar is not her real last name, her father asked the Omar family if they could say they were part of their family in order to leave the country) has a long record of committing crimes, which we’ve known about for at least 4 years. Yet, she became a member of Congress! Are there no requirements to do so? She is a Muslim who follows Political Islam’s Totalitarian Doctrine, which includes converting everyone to Islam and is especially harsh when it comes to Jews and Christians. See She openly makes anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks. THIS should have disqualified her. Swearing an oath means nothing, because Islam allows lies, called taquiyya. The U.S. needs to step up and make changes to ensure that people like Omar, Rashid, Pressley and AOC are fully vetted before being allowed to serve in any public office.


  14. Why is IO still in office? Why hasn’t she been deported back with her brother husband? Why hasn’t any effort been made to recover or repay the illegal money’s back.

  15. How about her getting her husband and I guess another business besides the campaign getting a (half of a million dollar) $500,000.00 Covid PPE check, foe what? Exactly what kind of business does he have and how many employees does he have in order to be eligible to receive $500k of tax payer money??? Anyway just another crime for the congresswoman’s record, and to think he got his check for the Covid PPE in less than a week after the bill was passed so I guess his application was already filed out and submitted before the ink dried on the American Covid rescue plan I think it was called, and it was within 10 days after the bill passed that it was reported that Omar’s husband had received the PPE funds, notice the report said that he “received a $500k payment for PPE and “DID NOT” say he was “approved for for $500k in PPE Funds” as in has not yet received, words matter and these words say he received, while there are many small businesses that have been closed for many months or are barely hanging on, and some that were mandated by the crooked democrats running cities, counties or states that declaimed strip clubs as essential businesses, that could remain open for the other democrats who have turned, as well, to a few reprobate minds. Which would describe the democrat party to a tee… a bunch of “Damned Reprobate Ass-Hats”:..

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