Father of WikiLeaks founder, John Shipton Slams US Government

John Shipton the father of WikiLeaks founder  Julian Assange slammed the US for seeking “vindictive revenge” on his son for WikiLeaks exposing the US “destruction” of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria and the “millions killed” in wars.
On Friday Shipton told protesters at a rally in Sydney, Australia, that Assange is being punished for exposing the “grand narrative of every heinous crime of the late 20th century,”
He continued “The consequence of WikiLeaks revealing these crimes, the destruction of Iraq, the destruction of Afghanistan, the destruction of Syria, the destruction of Libya, millions killed, they want their vindictive revenge,”
Shipton called on the Australian people to give the government the courage to “stop assisting this by doing nothing,” and help to bring Assange home to his family.

“Part of this resentment against Assange revealing these crimes is manifested by the English magistrate judiciary,” shipton said, pointing to “bizarre statements” being made against Assange in court, like that he is a narcissist.

Shipton also took aim at Ecuador, telling the crowd that “in order to get a loan, they sold an Australian citizen for money,” referring to the recent $4.2 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan Ecuador secured before Assange was removed from the embassy.


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