Fear Grips Nadler as GOP sets to remove him as Judiciary Chairman

Fear Grips Nadler as GOP sets to remove him as Judiciary Chairman

Fear Grips Nadler as GOP sets to remove him as Judiciary Chairman4

A Republican congressman has tabled a resolution to strip Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler of his panel post in an attempt to end his “rogue witch-hunt” to impeach Chairman Donald Trump.

Lance Gooden (R-Texas) made the move on Sept. 24 after impeachment proceedings against Trump were formally backed Tuesday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).


Gooden said in a release: “In recent days, Democrats have sanctimoniously declared their allegiance to the rule of law. I encourage them to follow those rules and hold Chairman Nadler accountable for breaking them.”

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He added that Nadler’s actions went against the will of the House of Representatives, as it didn’t explicitly authorize his committee to begin impeachment proceedings. “This attempted coup against a duly elected, sitting president is unprecedented and must be stopped,” Gooden continued.


“I urge the majority to move immediately to have him stripped of his chairmanship and that any accomplices on the Judiciary Committee not be considered as a replacement.”

It comes as Pelosi on Sept. 24 announced that an inquiry into impeaching Trump is underway.

Pelosi, until recently, had publicly resisted the move despite other top Democrats pushing for it in legal filings and in the media. The move by some Democrats to impeach the president was stalled after former special counsel Robert Mueller was unable to back up claims of collusion between Trump and Russia or obstruction of justice.



Trump tweeted he would release the transcript of his call with Zelensky.

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  1. Get rid of every last one of these anti American communist socialist fucking demorats they should be prosecuted and then publicly executed

  2. The American PEOPLE keep waiting for something to happen.I want to know why the Delay?These Communist Marxist Democrats keep causing trouble for the country.William Barr keeps telling us these things take time, i for one don’t believe him.America is going to hell because of these so called Patriots.Their afraid.Shamefull.

  3. Why did America go green when Biden took office? Russiacan sell all their petroleum products, gas etc to support Russian war with Ukraine. Tome to use the 25 amendment on Biden and remove Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and McConnell.

    • 100% agree with you my friend! I’m almost 40 yrs old and I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground because of how far fucked America hasn’t become under the retards Biden, pelosi (who I hate the worst) Harris, nadler etc! TRUMP4LIFE

  4. We can’t do anything until November however since there is irrefutable proof that the 2020 election was stolen, being we are a republic and us taxpayers should have say so when corruption and deception is in plain view of us citizens, there should have been another election conducted. The truth always prevails and we can ask ourselves why that is? Because the truth lines up with doing the right thing. The truth is eternal, with that said those who have went out of their way to steal our election, who go out of their way to betray We The People you will reap what you sow, constantly bearing false witness against your neighbor. You reap what you sow=KARMA…

  5. Everyone of these COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT’S and the Dirty member’s of the FBI and other Agencies must be brought to Justice. Tried and stood before a Firing Squad and dealt with when they’re found Guilty of TREASON!

  6. It is too little too late, he should be prosecuted, for his involvement in the left’s attempt to deface President Trump. He is a key corrupt player in the democrat smear agenda.

  7. There are some major offenders of our Constitution, very well demonstrated in the last several years, who have tried to take over our government. It is apparent a major portion of the so called politicians who protect and or condone the criminal actions of those who are involved in what is a coup using government power to bully those who resist in any form. Singling out the speaker of the house for being extremely corrupt with her insider trading, having developed extreme, displayed, paranoia feared being exposed by the former president. Used all government and personal at her disposal to destroy him and those who support his attempt to rid government of the most corrupt. Which was being done until the corrupt tried their coup and tied his legal hands up with inquisitions.

  8. Remove nadler jail him and seize all his assets permanently for continually screwing with the united states people

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