First world war soldier sculpture ruined in Dublin

The first World War scrap metal sculpture, the Haunting Soldier, installed in Dublin earlier this month, has been vandalised.

The sculpture from World War I, “The Hauntings Soldier”, which has been on display since the beginning of this month on St Stephen’s Green in Dublin, has been destroyed with red paint.

The six-meter-high complex represents a soldier returned from the war who is tired and abandoned.


It is shown to coincide with the centenary commemorations at the end of the war.

It was designed by Slovak artist Martin Galbavy and designed by Chris Hannam at Dorset Forge and Fabrication

Gardaí have confirmed they are investigating “criminal damage” caused to a statue in the St. Stephen’s Green area of Dublin at approximately 2am on Thursday. It appears to have had red paint thrown on it.


“No arrests have been made at this stage. A scene is currently in place at the statue. Investigations are continuing ,” a Garda spokeswoman said.

Created in 2017 in Dorset, England, the statue is more than six metres in height and depicts a weary-looking soldier with a pack, leaning on his rifle.


It was installed near the entrance to St Stephen’s Green on Saturday November 3rd, overseen by its creator, Dorset-based blacksmith Martin Galbavy, and Chris Hannam, who owns the forge where the Haunted Soldier was assembled.



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