After Hours of heated debate, a controversial abortion ban that Gov. John Kasich vetoed two years ago passed the Ohio House on Thursday 58-35 and now heads to the Senate where its fate is unclear.

The proposed bill, which was introduced by Republican Reps. Christina Hagan and Ron Hood, would ban abortions post-6 weeks in Ohio after the first heartbeat is detected in the fetus with the exception of circumstances involving rape and incest.

“This bill basically says if there is a heartbeat you cannot abort. If there is a heartbeat, there is life…there is no debating that,” said state Rep. Ron Hood, R-Ashville, a primary sponsor. “We can finally save these babies from being slaughtered before they’re even born.”


“Abortion is an assault on the family. Abortion is an assault on Ohio because it destroys the hearts and minds of women,” said state Rep. Candice Keller, R-Middletown. She said the bill would help save 20,000 babies each year in Ohio.

The legislature now moves to the Ohio Senate for a vote.


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