Hillary Clinton gets Badly Bruised by Kellyanne Conway

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway slammed Hillary Clinton earlier today over the former president candidate’s recent remarks suggesting the election had been stolen from her.

Kellyanne Conway said Hillary Clinton needs to “stop talking about herself” and focus on the American people instead. Conway added that she was disappointed that Hillary Clinton hasn’t used her platform to open the ‘Hillary Clinton center for girls and women’ to help women and girls across the word.

“She lost that election fairly and squarely, and when she said the election was stolen from her to hoot and hollers from the audience,she’s playing a dangerous game,” Conway said.”Here she is two and half years later, literally will not accept the election results because she lost.”


“But when Hillary Clinton is out there claiming that the election was stolen from her nobody told her not to go to Wisconsin or Pennsylvania,”she continued. “Nobody told her not to have a good message. Nobody told her not to be second-most popular person in a two-person household. Ooh,that must really hurt every morning.”


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  1. Well many on the left are textbook borderlines, histrionics and narcissistic personalities that believe that they are the centre of the known universe, woe is me, me, me, me and you hurt my feewins! Unbelievable but all to predictable in this day and age and not their ability to lie to the populace so easily and get away with it ie gaslighting and strawmaning trying to convince the targets of their abuse that what they see and hear isn’t true mind you that encompasses the entire left wing political and media establishments any wonder that they are desperate to silence dissenting voices in alternative media and falsely apply horrendous labels to them and even to the population. When emotions and feelings replace reason logic and objectivity this is what you get ie a dangerously unstable society driven and fuelled by the worst actors among us!

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