Hillary Clinton Subpoenaed by State Department over Newly released Bombshell 

Hillary Clinton Subpoenaed by State Department over Newly released Bombshell 

Hillary Clinton Subpoenaed by State Department over Newly released Bombshell

The State Department is reviving its probe in the use of a personal email server by Hillary Clinton while she was State Secretary.

The Washington Post reports that over the past few weeks, approximately 130 former Clinton assistants have been contacted and notified that emails they sent years earlier have been deemed classified and may be considered violations of safety. Nearly all of the emails in question were sent to Clinton’s private server.


“This has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” a senior State Department official​ told the Post. “This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about 3½ years.”

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Another anonymous senior official at the department shared those sentiments and added that, “the process is set up in a manner to completely avoid any appearance of political bias.”


An MSNBC contributor and former spokeswoman for Clinton’s presidential campaigns, drienne Elrod, replied to the news on Twitter, but has since removed her tweet.

“This headline would be more accurate if it began with the words, ​’​In a politically biased effort to deflect​ ….’” Elrod wrote.

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    • Oh yes…… Hillary won’t take her due punishment alone. What’s the body count up to now 58???? She walks with the devil! Evil corrupt woman.

  1. A lot of people are going to be committing suicide by self inflicted gun shot or by hanging themselves. It will begin as soon as the Clinton’s get the names. All the democratic politicians will do their best to help Hillary.

    • Therefore they ALL MUST HANG. This case has shown us HRC & all of her co-conspirators to be Treasonous &/or Seditious. They deserve the full weight of immediate justice. They’ve exploited their position of supposed power to “punk us”. Time for payback. Swiftly

  2. Its unbelivable how CORRUPT the democrats are. They have gotten away with it for years. Gods rath is coming.

  3. This is CRAZY how intellegence works. Old news is good news. This is one of her crimes as she has many more. One by one in the near future it will all play out. Slowly, the WORLD will see what the White House was all about. Corruption of politicians of both parties. I don’t want to spill the beans but she has already been tried, convicted and hanged! Ding dong the witch is dead, ” THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!”

  4. This Criminal has evaded punishment for years! The corrupt Clinton Foundation election data was sent there!!! What did this corrupt foundation have to do with election data….her satonic dealings with children! Her kill list….Hillary Clinton IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW! ARREST HER AND PUT HER IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD!

  5. If it’s true that hillary has already been tried and hanged , all the American people have been robbed of witnessing , that she pays for her crimes ! How do we know she is really hillary and not a clone or double ! I guess it won’t matter , God will take care of it ! He is our vengeance ! Praise be to God ?

  6. There has to be some type of verification to this trial or hanging. Just like there are leakers at the White House and congress there has to be one in here. Do not cheat Americans of their right to know.

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