Hillary Clinton’s Top Most Donor “INDICTED” For Defrauding The Pentagon Of over $1.4 Billion

The Justice Department this weekend announced that three men from Northern Virginia, including one who celebrated New Year’s Eve in 1999 with the Clinton’s have been charged for the alleged roles in trying to defraud The Pentagon after receiving an $8 billion contract in 2012 to provide supplies to troops in Afghanistan.

The three executives connected to FZCO, a defense contractor based in the UAE deliberately gave false estimates of completion dates for a warehouse intended to provide food supplies for troops in Afghanistan in order to win contracts. They also provided fake photographs to show that the project was moving fast, Federal Prosecutors reports.

The Department of Justice also said that the indictment alleged that, in February 2012, the defendants caused Anham employees to transport construction materials to the proposed site of one of the warehouse complexes to create a false idea of an active construction site.



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