Hundreds of Protesters Line up the streets of California to oppose Ilhan Omar

Hundreds of protesters lined up California’s streets to oppose Rep. Ilhan Omar speaking at a fundraiser being held by the CAIR terrorist-supporting organisation.

Anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MnN) showed just how tone deaf she can be.


Despite, her recent run of posting antisemitic tropes on Twitter that attacked any and all Jewish, and American supporters of Israel.

Ilhan Omar nevertheless found it completely acceptable to speak at a terrorist linked CAIR fundraiser.


CAIR which stands for the Council on American-Islamic Relations who claim to speak for American Muslims, but is, in reality, an extremist group funneling money toward terrorist organizations such as HAMAS.

CAIR’s association with Hamas was well established by U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis.


Waving American and Israeli flags, protesters line the streets across from the Hilton hotel where Saturday’s event was taking place in Woodland Hills, California


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