“If confirmed Kavanaugh should step down” Tweet from Jordan Peterson to Brett kavanaugh

Prominent author, professor and public speaker well-known for his logical and rational thinking on most matters Jordan Peterson tweeted that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should “step down” if confirmed to the high court and allow a “less divisive” figure to step forward in his place.


If confirmed Kavanaugh should step down,” Jordan Peterson tweeted Friday afternoon in response to a post asserting that either outcome for Kavanaugh — confirmed or denied to the court by the Senate — would be damaging to the nation.
If confirmed Kavanaugh should step down. https://t.co/UwsH52ts3b

— Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) October 5, 2018

Hours later, Peterson clarified his initial tweet with a second that read, “I’m not certain that is the right move. It’s very complex. But he would have his name cleared, and a figure who might be less divisive might be put forward.
Saturday morning Jordan Peterson further explained his thoughts with a pair of tweets.

That might decrease residual alienation from the left, and make things less polarized moving forward. Of course, that has to be balanced against handing any victory to the “believe all accusers” crowd. https://t.co/xcVBcoaWWv

— Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) October 6, 2018


Several followers of Jordan Peterson pointed out that Kavanaugh’s stepping down after being confirmed would essentially cede victory to the Democrats and liberal media who’d just attempted to destroy his career and reputation, not to mention placed his family at risk of harm and threats.


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