Jordan Peterson : Justin Trudeau Is Canadian Worst Leader Ever

Jordan Peterson took to the internet to vent his anger and frustration, “I came across a bitter rant today on GLP, from a Canadian who has had it up to the throat with the Justin Trudeau led administration”.

“when I look at Trudeau I see someone that hasn’t grown up” so am not surprised to see so many people pissed at a leader who hasn’t grown up. He needs to clean his room and put his life in order. Said Peterson.

Peterson added, from illegal aliens, Canadians and a host of other nations wish they could have Trump as their president, YET CNN and the entire mainstream media seek only to demonize President Trump in an attempt to make him appear as a terrible leader.


I am a proud Canadian, or at least I used to be. Ever since Trudeau was elected to lead our once proud nation I have since become disillusioned as I watch the utter destruction of our country under this bumbling idiot of a leader. This so-called man is not qualified to pay his phone bill let alone run a country. Having such qualifications as being a drama teacher and Kiyak instructor he was hardly academically qualified to be Prime Minister in the first place but that didn’t dissuade voters.
Under his leadership it has been a long line of blunders that have cost our economy billions. His proposed deficit his 1st year in office was 9.9 billion but in actuality its more like 28.5 billion. His first vacation of the year to the Bahamas cost taxpayers $215.000.00. As he continued represent Canada abroad he embarrasses us time and time again. No one can forget his trip to India where he had a photo opp with his whole family dressed like Hindus.
He regularly has Q & A sessions in public where he interrupts those of us who ask him serious questions to inject his thoughts that “ we should be more inclusive”. But never answers the elected hundreds of American Migrants came across the Canadian border illegally. Rather than deport them Trudeau housed and fed them in Ontario and Quebec at the cost of Millions in taxpayer money. When Trudeau was asked when the federal government was going to step in and help the provinces pay for his ideals Trudeau called them “racist” Trudeau has personally murdered 3 oil pipelines that would have helped Canada get its oil to market by introducing Bill C-69, making it impossible for approval of these pipelines and tying the process up in court indefinitely. As a result, 7 major oil companies have pulled out of Canada and took their jobs with them. Statoil, Koch Industries, Imperial Oil, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil, Marathon Oil, Royal Dutch Shell have all left Canada leaving 20.1 billion barrels of oil in the ground. Killing countless jobs leaving Canadian oil being traded at an $80 million dollar deficit daily on the American market.
Trudeau’s Liberal also allowed a GM motors factory to close costing hundreds of Jobs. Rather than negotiate to keep them in Canada he allowed them to pull out. Trudeau promises to help those affected by the loss, but his promises are hollow.
Trudeau implemented a “carbon tax” in a country that is one of the cleanest and lowest carbon emitters in the world. Canadians see winter in some parts up to 9 months out of the year. We have to heat our homes using fossil fuels. The carbon tax costs the average Canadian $1500 per year and is only increasing. This tax is also killing small businesses who now have bigger overhead operating expenses.
Amid all his personal blunders NAFTA is by far the worst. Knowing he has to negotiate this deal with Donald Trump he appoints Christina Freeland to negotiate NAFTA. Just before the negotiations commence Freeland gives a speech in Washington DC bashing Trump and his entire administration. As a result, she never sits face to face with Trump to negotiate and Canada was left chasing the US and Mexico around for scraps.
Trudeau has recently bribed the media with a $500 million dollar fund that is given to journalists “who he can trust”. This comes just before the election in 2019. Our own news media fails to report the news already. Now it will have even less truth being bought and paid for by the Liberals.
Companies and some Canadians are jumping ship like rats from a burning freighter sinking in the ocean. Justin Trudeau has cost us more than we can afford to give. Canada is his personal dumpster fire that is burning out of control”


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