Judge Jeanine Pirro Obliterates Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Northam of Virginia

Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia is a monster, to advocate for the killing of innocent babies after birth is nothing short of murder. He should face a firing squad for murder, but what is shocking is the fact that the left are not criticising him for this, rather ignorant leftists like Gov. Cuomo said it was worth celebrating.

This triggered Judge Jeanine Pirro and she did not waste time to call it what it was in her opening statement.

Northam received over 2 million Dollars from Planned parenthood, the baby genocidal organisation funded by the left. Planned Parenthood have been accused of selling baby parts, there are several documentaries on that. But why will they pay Northam to legalise this barbaric procedure, this is pure homicide. So a mother can decide to kill a baby that is already born into the United States?


A full citizen with equal rights according to the constitution is going to be treated like endangered species of animals. And what is the excuse? It is for the convenience of the mother.

The Left is pushing for killing of babies if you are not convenient having one, that is the same mission the Nazis had, they wanted to get rid of the jews because they were not convenient with them around. So, the left have adopted the strategies of Adolf Hitler. This is the worst cultural shift in the United States History.

There have been calls for Gov. Northam to step down, not just for his genocidal comments, but for his racist photo book. And Governor Andrew Cuomo is on same page with this evil man. Both men should hang and should burn in hell for the death of the innocent.


President Trump has been complaining of the radical left, but this is a whole new level of madness. There is no justification for this barbaric and inhuman acts. This is pure wickedness, to conveniently take the life of a helpless baby just so you can be free of all responsibilities is nothing but murder and should be treated as such. Make no mistake, this is not the last we will see in this issue, if Governor Cuomo and Governor Northam are allowed to go on with this, your freedom will soon be taken away from you. The American values and morals are under attack by the Left and this should not be allowed to continue.


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