Karma has caught up with contentious Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as calls to oust her from Congress grows over legislation scorn The striking proof that Minnesota’s notorious representative, Ilhan Omar married her own brother in an obvious case of immigration fraud is lastly making its way into the mainstream media.

However, that curious case is not the only instance in which Omar has been found on the wrong side of the law. The controversial Congresswoman has a lengthy record of utter contempt for the rule of law, of which she is now ostensibly a guardian. This is Karma at work.


Omar was recently ordered to pay back thousands of dollars of campaign funds that she spent on personal expenses. According to National Review, Minnesota’s Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board “ordered Omar to reimburse her former campaign committee for $3,500 in personal accounting and travel expenses, and levied a $500 civil penalty against her for misspending the funds.”

To mention but a few, Minnesota’s Alpha News reports that, according to a freshly uncovered police report, Omar “was detained for trespassing in 2013 and booked at Hennepin County Jail’ to avoid further criminal behaviour.’


Then there are the violations of traffic. The Minnesota trial court public access site, run by the Minnesota Judicial Branch, lists no less than twenty-four violations by Omar, the first one on May 28, 2009, and the latest one on January 17, 2019, when Omar was a member of the House of Representatives. In 2016 alone, twelve violations occur. Karma is certainly going to catch up with her.

These traffic violations have not been a large deal– entirely half of them are for parking in a no-parking area and other parking offenses.


Omar was also summoned for driving with expired plates twice on October 17, 2018 and October 25, 2018. She was caught driving on April 27, 2012 without a driver’s license.

None of these arrests of traffic are a big deal. In the course of driving years, nearly everyone receives a few traffic violations. But there are 24 of them? The sheer amount of these violations shows that, obviously with excellent reason, Ilhan Omar thinks that she merely does not need to have any regard for Minnesota law.


And a disturbing pattern arises when one takes into consideration the trespassing detention, the violations of the campaign financing, and the marriage to her brother. Does this lawmaker from Minnesota have any regard for the law? What’s going on around is sure to happen. She can not escape karma’s law.

Over the years, there have been numerous jihadists in the U.S., Europe, Australia and elsewhere who have announced that they are bound only by Allah’s law and not by what they consider to be manmade law.

By refusing to stand for magistrates and obeying other instructions, they show their disdain for the latter. The Qur’an states: “O you who believe, obey Allah and obey among you the Messenger and those in power” (Qur’an 4:59). This is not an order to obey earthly officials unless they order the Muslim to follow Islam’s legislation.


Is Ilhan Omar, whose Sharia-compliance is shown by her hijab, also disregarding any other law than Allah’s law? We’re likely never going to learn, because no “journalist” establishment media would ever dare ask her about it.

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