Lawsuit filed Demanding Ilhan Omar’s deportation

Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch founder and former Justice Department prosecutor, Larry Flayman lodged a complaint requesting that the DHS examine Ilhan Omar and possibly remove her from the nation.

The former Justice Department prosecutor Submitted a complaint to the United States District Court for Columbia District requesting a mandamus letter to order the U.S. inquiry. Home Security Department (DHS) of the Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s supposed immigration fraud and association with terrorist support groups.


When Klayman filed this complaint, he had to say that he wanted to force action:


“Rep. Ilhan Omar (and her colleague in the House, Rashida Tlaib, who just announced yesterday that she is getting a calming impression from the Holocaust) must be held responsible for their actions. Both are not only vehemently anti-Judeo-Christian, but they pose a danger to the well-being of all Americans who think in religious freedom and our Founding Fathers ‘ vision.

“It’s saying that even the Trump DHS fears a simple investigation into Omar, for fear of being labeled as racist. All individuals in this country, regardless of race, gender, religion or color or creed, are equal under the law. The law must be implemented, and that is what my complaint is trying to do.”


Klayman’s motion comes after a string of anti-Semitic and anti-American comments have brought Omar’s character into question.

In a recent speech, Omar declared that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were nothing more than “something” committed by “some people.”



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  1. I think she needs to go and in this set an example for people that don’t love our country our land of the free and home of the brave. so many people give their lives so we can live in freedom and keeping this country safe if that is not worth saying the U.S.A with honer and dignity then you don’t belong here anyway

  2. I think she should be investigated for her immigration fraud and for her marriage to her brother and if found guilty by a court she should receive what any other person would get. I’m tired of one law for us and another for others!

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