Lindsey Graham Strokes Nancy Pelosi With Stern Warning

In the rising congressional impeachment debate, about three dozen House Democrats have called for impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump. But Pelosi keeps resisting, variously citing GOP opposition, Trump’s ability to exploit the issue, and the need for more investigation before making a decision.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on Sunday that Speaker Pelosi’s job is at risk because she is being pressured to go down the impeachment road.
According to Graham, “Her job is very much at risk, Nancy Pelosi is riding a bucking, wild bronco called the Democratic caucus.”” Seventy percent of the Democratic base wants President Trump impeached. She knows that impeachment would be political suicide because there’s no reason to impeach the president. So she’s trying to keep the party intact. If she goes down the impeachment road, Republicans take back the House, we keep the Senate, President Trump gets reelected.”



Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters (D-CA) disagreed over the issue of impeachment at a closed-door meeting on congressional investigations Tuesday. Waters, who has been a steady proponent of impeaching President Donald Trump, appealed to the rest of the caucus at the Tuesday meeting. She became the only committee chair so far to publicly encourage members of the caucus to impeach, a move directly at odds with Pelosi.




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