“Lying under Oath” This may land James Comey in jail

It was discovered that James Comey lied about having reviewed all of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Out of hundreds of thousands of emails found On Anthony wieners laptop, only 3,000 were individually examined for classified information and incriminating evidence.
The most shocking part of It, is the fact peter strzok, the disgraced FBI agent was selected to hand pick all 3,000 emails that was examined with two other investigators after which they claimed there was nothing new in the email.
James Comey also swore under oath that there was a miraculous breakthrough in technology which allowed the FBI to process Anthony wieners laptop for evidence rapidly but it turns out that was a huge lie as there was technical glitch which hindered that effort.
In just a matter of days, the FBI claimed over 700,000 emails, how on earth is that even possible.  This evidence being covered up in Anthony wieners laptop is very relevant in the Clinton foundation probe which is still ongoing. 
This raises more suspicious that the FBI politicize the investigation during the elections, now this requires an outside independent prosecutor to go through the entire emails [ evidence] and see if the FBI is covering up material evidence in the case.
The inspector general, the attorney general himself and potentially a second special prosecutor needs to look at the whole evidence over again.
This creates more legal danger for James Comey and it really is a shocking revelation that not only did they use disgraced FBI agent peter strzok to look at that information.    



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