Man Arrested for threatening to kill GOP Senators who supported Brett Kavanaugh

An anti Kavanaugh “Ronald DeRisi” was arrested Friday for allegedly threatening to murder and assault two U.S. senators over their support for the successful nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, federal authorties said.

Ronald Derisi allegedly threatened to kill two GOP senators for voting for Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

74 year old Ronald Derisi thought he was being slick by buying a prepaid phone, but he still left a trail.


Rather than pay for the phone with cash, which would have made it all but impossible to track him down, the genius used his credit card to make the purchase.

With prepaid phone in hand, Derisi started calling senators and leaving threatening messages for them.
In one voicemail , DeRisi allegedly warned one senator that he had a “present” for the lawmaker. “It’s a nine millimeter. Side of your … skull … Yeah, Kavanaugh – I don’t think so,” DeRisi allegedly said.
The arrest comes two days after the husband of Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said he received a letter that claimed to contain the deadly toxin ricin, which also mentioned her vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the high court.
Ronald DeRisi previously pleaded guilty to a state charge of aggravated harassement, which was related to his repeatedly phoning a victim’s home and office more than 15 times in 2015 to leave threatening messages.
The new complaint says that Ronald DeRisi, starting on Sept. 27, left more than 10 “threatening voice-messages” at the offices of the two senators regarding Kavanaugh’s then-pending nomination.
On the same day, the complaint said, DeRisi left another message for the same senator, saying “If f****** Kavanaugh get’s in, he’s dead f****** meat!”
On 6th Oct 2018. The day Kavanaugh was confirmed, Derisi called the second Senator and said: “You better pray this guy don’t get in.”

“I’m gonna get you,” DeRisi said in a follow-up message to the same senator, the complaint charges.
DeRisi was identified through phone records, voice exemplars and the debit card he used to buy the pre-paid cell phone, according to authorities.
Derisi threats apparently were made to discourage the senators from supporting Kavanaugh and as retaliation for having voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh” later, according to a statement by the United States Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting the case.


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