Mitch Mcconnell vows to support Donald Trump 2024

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has promised to back Donald Trump in the event that he wins the GOP’s 2024 constituent assignment.

McConnell said he would “totally” uphold the Republican chosen one in 2024 when ask as to whether he would back Trump.

This comes despite him leveling criticism at Trump over the violence of January 6, and the former president issuing a scathing assessment of McConnell’s leadership.


Mitch Mcconnell vows to support Donald Trump 2024

Though McConnell voted to acquit Trump at his Senate impeachment trial, he rested his decision on feeling the proceedings were unconstitutional due to the former president no longer being in office.

He leveled criticism at Trump over the violence of January 6, branding him “practically and morally responsible for provoking” the events of that day.


Following these remarks, McConnell faced harsh criticism from the former president—who branded him a “dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack.” This assessment came in a scathing statement, in which Trump said Republicans will not win back the Senate with leaders like McConnell.

Trump has not ruled out the potential of running in 2024, though has not firmly said he will.

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  1. We the American people are awake and we are coming for you. Like the cops, the harder you make us work to regain our control of this country, the worse your punishment will be. I suggest you find a patriot and try to help them achieve their goals or you will reap it. We, the people, will not stand for the villification of Patriots who only wanted their grievances redressed by their elected officials. They didn’t know how guilty the politicians were so they underestimated the communist regime currently ILLIGITIMATELY installed and the people who have taken oathes to the constitution are willingly acting in contradiction to those they supposedly represent. We will not stop until the election of 2020 is rectified. You are all fired. You are all acting in bad standing with the people who hold the power. We recall your ability to represent us since we realize you are all cheaters. Machines in elections going forward is a non-starter. We the people demand you comply with us who are the actual consenting governed, so far.

  2. I hope the day will soon come when comunism will be put where it belongs,
    I am in a diferent country and Iwish you the best in you endevour if you do succumb then it will affect the world my family will pray for you and the people including my relatives living in your country (o yasumi nasia) we are one people

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