More than 100,000 Americans Sign Petition To Remove Ilhan Omar From Congress and also prepare to match the signed petition with Congress to call for the immediate removal of Ilhan Omar from Congress.

Americans are fed up with the anti-semitic remarks and opinions of Ilhan Omar, individuals are already fighting the guy behind this petition, but be sure we are firmly behind him on this, check the connection below to join the Train to demand the removal of Omar from Congress, we need to cleanse our nation again.


Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) campaign aimed at destroying Israel, and tweeted:

Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel”…


Even though citizens cannot recall a member of Congress, the individual chambers can remove members of the House of Representatives by way of expulsion. The House can expel a member if there is the support to do so by at least two-thirds of the members. Expulsion has been used to punish House and Senate members who have committed a serious crime, abuse of their power or been “disloyal” to the United States. Please help us by signing this Petition to remove Her from office. thank you!

Unlike anyone making a petition that has accomplished totally nothing with it. They’re setting it up and never doing anything. I have the capacity to print every signature whenever I feel like it, I also live two hours away from Washington DC where I’m going to drive this in mid-March to transform it into a Congress. It’s not a joke that I haven’t wasted all this time just to do nothing about it.


ANTI-SEMITISM & RACISM and congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s racist comments, tweets and behavior over the previous couple of years are the very thing that this petition is attempting to combat and take to the forefront of our state to begin a significant debate.

Change has stated I am within my first amendment rights. I hope they wouldn’t shut me down without plainly seeing what people are trying to do and lying to accomplish their goal. They are scared that we are right they are scared it is one of their own. But when a member of the same chamber did identical in severity racist comment was completely stripped of all house committee duties and privileges. Ms. Omar has yet to do anything but apologizes NOT ENOUGH!


I have been notified by change about complaints of this petition being racist. This is not the case whatsoever. People are trying to shut down this petition at all costs by lying. If that is your reason please do not sign! I do not believe in the racism of any kind nor does it have any place in our government.


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