Nancy Pelosi Forced to Admit Jan. 6th Crimes

China threatened to shoot down Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane

Nancy Pelosi forced to admit Jan. 6th Crimes.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being pressed for an explanation from Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes as to why the United States Capitol Police did not increase security measures before the event about 18 months ago.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.,” Republican congressman and former House Intelligence Committee head Devin Nunes was joined by Kash Patel, a former adviser to Nunes. Patel rose the ranks to become an advisor to then-President Trump under his successor, Mike Pence.


Nunes started by saying, “There was information ahead of time that the Capitol Police should have known — which Kash over at the White House, they knew, which is why President Trump approved National Guard personnel.”

You’ve got tens of thousands of people coming, and you’re doing nothing to stop it. And this is the issue that Nancy Pelosi will have to address because if the Republicans win in November, the payback will be a you-know-what.

Chief of Staff for the Defense Agency under Trump, Patel, stated that the department “acted correctly” given the knowledge available at the time.


The American people have a right to know, as Patel put it, “how we behaved correctly on Jan. 4, 5, and 6,” and this includes President Trump’s authorization of the National Guard, which was rejected by both Nancy Pelosi and [Washington, D.C.] Mayor [Muriel] Bowser.

Dissatisfied with the committee’s subpoenas of some of its members, Republicans want to increase their pressure on Pelosi.

A group of four Republicans wrote to Pelosi in February 2021, only weeks after the event, demanding to know why she had not taken more measures to ensure the safety of the Capitol, such as calling for the deployment of the National Guard or increasing the number of Capitol Police officers.


But Pelosi has publicly ignored the members’ request for an explanation in the form of a letter.

The committee has served many Republicans who are staunch Trump supporters subpoenas she chose, prompting some to pledge independent investigations if their party wins control of the house in November.

According to an article on CNN:


House Republicans are plotting their retaliation against the January 6 select committee for subpoenaing five of their members: Sending subpoenas to senior Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On Friday, many Republicans told CNN that the subpoenas issued to House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and four other Republicans by the panel on January 6 set a new norm they may choose to emulate under a hypothetical GOP majority in the next Congress.

Pelosi is at the top of the list because of the Republican’s stated intention to investigate her interactions with Capitol security staff leading up to and during the disturbance on January 6.


Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Ga.) said, “I’m going to tell you the truth: Yes, I do.” when asked whether he thinks Republicans should send a subpoena to Pelosi.

Here we have a new standard, and we will not sit back and let it be established. On January 6, her involvement and the specifics of what she did or did not do are under intense scrutiny. Carter emphasized the need to uncover the truth behind the matter.

Subpoenaing Pelosi has widespread support, according to other Republicans who spoke with the network. If she were to lose the speakership, some have predicted, she would resign.


Rep. Brian Mast: “I wouldn’t be shocked if there’s a subpoena there” (R-Fla.).

Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, who has demanded a probe into Pelosi’s participation, lost it earlier this year during a discussion of the committee’s approval of a criminal contempt report to charge Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.

Jordan said that to conduct the Trump event, “there have been subpoenas issued to 11 persons, 11 American citizens who sought the government for approval on an application.”


Why would they even bother to subpoena me?” Jordan added, “I didn’t do anything wrong; I spoke with the president.” I have frequent conversations with the president. You know where I stand on this panel; I believe it is all about attacking the Trump administration. To me, it is a no-brainer.



  1. Pelosi and her gang of saboteurs of our government started their coup when their queen of corruption was cast aside by the American People. The newly elected president was immediately was plagued with every attempt to over throw his election. And now the American People were plagued with many forms of voter fraud. Then America was cursed with the major goombah of corruption. Whether your for real or not… these actions by proof of these corrupt politicians is real. This so called petition is being singled out as “click bait”.

    • She didn’t want any guards or any real white House police there during the Oraceful Jan.6 gathering, because executed her plan to bring in BLM and Antifa to fo her dirty work in the Peaceful march by having fake pokice opening up the baragades and motioning people into the WhiteHouse. There were videos on several people’s phones showing that BLM and Antifa were there acting as Trump supporters. O e of Nancy’s people murdered the woman that came into the White House and had no weapon. Yet he is still running free without charges or prison. She, Nancy Polecat is an evil person, bar none.

      • I agree completely. This entire corruption started with Floyd, the riots by BLM & Anftia and Covid .The election was rigged.Lets mention the use of Venezuela rigged voting machines. Covid was away to have more mail in ballots. Now they are stirring the monkey pox. Americans beware our enemy is on the inside. Obiden the puppet is being used it is only a matter of time and they will remove him and place someone else in his place. Will it be Jezebel Harris? or Jezebel Pelosi?I still think the muslim is pushing some buttons myself. If Trump had a kid guilty of all the mess Hunter has been caught doing the media and administration would not shut up!!! And Nancy guilty of insider trading!!! they do nothing. Just like Killary she has blood on her hands from Benghazi and nothing done to her. She Russia Russia Trump for 4 yrs and spent endless amounts of tax dollars to get him out if office.
        And the icing on the cake, giving weapons billons of American tax dollars of weapons to Afghanistan!!!! then leaving American soldiers behind to be murdered. The entire administration and Obama’s should all be locked up .

        • Wow yes totally bammmm nailed it..You no it was bad enough covid but the nitemares just keep unfolding as we see them destroying us…..Im Just blown away. If were to have a frckn country left.

        • U hit this on the head, they knew their corruption would be found out by Trump officials, do u think Trump is stupid, be he knew all along what that jerk Obama was doing and he would expose Obama and now cornpop asshole the money they stole, what other term can u use for Obama living in two stately mansions. And america where is the over 5 billion missing from the treasury, not accounted for and any investigation has been squashed. They r thieves of garbage , kminvestigate,

      • You are correct 100% blm and Antifa were involved on Jan 6th. I got that news three weeks before hand from my son who lives in Portland, Oregon. I called the local FBI in Syracuse, NY. It seamed to me the FBI was not interested in my information.

      • I would charge a large number of the corrupt with treason once convicted build gallows in DC and hang the convicted at midnight via pay per view use the money too pay down the national debt I have no stomach for treason and I’m sure these traitors will be running scared very soon. I’m not calling for violance I am seaking justice
        Remember the punishment for treason is death by hanging iv read it in the constitution my self

  2. She should not just be subpoenaed for the Jan 6, it should also be for her and her husband’s insider trading. It is extremely obvious this has been the case of her telling her husband what companies would be aided or not by the government. Also I know many of us, in lieu of this Jan 6 sham committee would like a 5-29 committee to investigate the so called “women’s march” on the Capitol where protesters set a church on fire as well as other things and harmed multiple officers during the “summer of love”. The president Mr.Donald Trump had to be whisked away from that church to an unknown location for his safety.

    • The Biden Administration is corrupt. The fact that they parade this senile old man around as the POTUS is all the testament that is required.

  3. Nancy refused the National Guard because it would throw a wrench into her Antifa and BLM plans and again she got away with it they dont talk about the women who was trampled dragged out of the way while someone was trying to do CPR on her she died Pelosi will suffer no consequences over any of it because corruption from the Demorcrats has become the everyday norm in America and the sad part is we as a country have let them.The only ones who will suffer are the American tax payers who are paying for them to do thier real jobs and thier wasteing it on another witch hunt whats the problem the witch is rigjt in front of them leading the whole charade that she and her cohorts plannen. As for Pence i said from day one he couldnt be trusted where do the Republicans think the Demorcrats were getting thier information from.If you continue to vote Demorcrat this Country as we know it or whats left of it will no longer exist we have been sold out to the highest bidder mainly China and all the rats from Obama clear down to the Demorcrats and Rinos in there now are laughing all the way to the bank

    • I couldn’t say it better.
      Many ‘third world countries’ have less corruption than what’s going on with this horrible administration. Time to stop this s*** show.

    • Scotty you are 200% right and everything you said. What I don’t understand is how and I’ll say it again how can anyone and I mean anyone vote for Democrats and that includes Biden and his crony Administration how can they vote that way seeing the destruction that the whole Democratic Party is doing to America. Don’t these Democratic people don’t they see how bad the times are because of senile Biden and the people that run him and tell him what to do. If they had brains they would compare what president Trump did for us and what senile Biden isn’t doing for us but bringing destruction upon us I just don’t get it. Democrats call us fascist well Biden put a hell of a show on showing the American people that he wants to turn America into a dictator country and he proved it by his words. It just baffles my mind. I mean don’t these Democrat families realize that it’s not only going to affect them but it’s going to affect their children and grandchildren. Just because the gas prices are going down that is just a gimmick Biden is using to try and show the American people that he’s doing something good. But the American people don’t realize that even though he’s lowering the gas prices he’s going to bring them back up again once the midterm elections are done. And also if they turn all vehicles into an electric vehicle what’s going to happen if someone sabotages the grid. There will be no electricity at all and you won’t be able to use your vehicle. There are more cons than Pros with this green deal s***. Anyways I hope and pray that people that vote Democrat I pray that your eyes are going to be opened to see how evil this Empire is. So I just urge all Democrats to vote all Republican and you won’t regret it. Vote Democrat and we are all going to suffer and I mean suffer big time.

  4. The present demacrat administration is on a power trip to protect their corruption from the past to the present and working on the beyond. What power does the American People have to stop the demacraps RIGHT NOW? other than a revolution like the Boston Tea Party… Voter fraud was so evident in 2020 that the demacheats need to be frozen till another presidential vote can be had say before mid terms??? Hopefully preventing further internal destruction of America. I personally have grand children and great grand children I am reaching out for.To protect them from this ongoing corruption in our American[?] government.

  5. Nancy Pelosi tried to impeach trump with no actual crimes while Adam Schiff sat on exculpatory depositions far too long and bombed Trump with litigative diatribe in the while.

  6. There is no doubt Pelosi set jan 6th up, John Sulivan a BLM leader was caught inside the capital wearing a Trump hat, also the the son of a ny city judge was caught inside, he and son were registered dems,the ones tearing up the capital were all wearing black, sound familiar? The refusal of the guard and extra police. Trump saying peacefully yet she tries to say he insighted something ,what nonsense. This woman needs to be arrested, she was using jan 6th to cover up the insurrection on Nov 3rd.

  7. I’m wondering is all of these criminals politician starting to feel uneasy are they starting to feel like they’re being followed are they ready to confess and save themselves from a gruesome death Who knows and who cares it’s time for all these criminals to Face the horrible price of their treasonous acts and they’re terrible disregard for the American people and our children Twitter they do not like you saying what the penalty for treason in our country is I wonder Why the penalty is hanging by the neck until dead that is the penalty for treason in the United States but there is so many that has committedSo many of these crimes against America and our children that our president will have to reinstate the firing squad at least till we get the number of these criminals down to a manageable number to take their short drop with the Quickstop and our nation Will be able to start healing and return to a prosperous nation we must think our president Donald John Trump and our first lady Melania the Trump family and we must especially think the men and women the patriots that are still fighting for a free nation thank you ( THANK YOU!!!)

  8. When I make comments I don’t care if I’ve said it 100 times I want my comments posted because there’s always different entries in my comments I think they do not like to be told what the penalty for treason is I would appreciate it if you wouldPut my comments back up there was a lot of people I had to show my appreciation for their work and you took that away please don’t be like the fake news media there are treasonous traitorsAnd big tech and the fake news media that must face the horrible price of treason and Twitter they do not like you reminding them what the price of treason is in the United States it is hanging by the neck until dead everyone should know this maybe it will keep them from committing treason but they are a lot of politicians and criminals didn’t know this but do it anyway

    • I agree, but they’ll never use it. The last people, Aldrich Ames (1994) & Robert Hanson, were tried and found guilty of treason. Hanson in 1979 got 15 consecutive life sentences in prison without the chance of parole. What a waste of tax payers dollars. Except if hanged, that would set a precedent for others maybe not truly guilty, as a way to get rid of them, especially with our corrupt liberal mob, I mean congress!

  9. Thank you very much God bless the United States of America a free nation that was bought and paid for by the blood of the sons of freedom and there are still many patriotsThey will make sure this country remains free and our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be the law of the land God bless one and all

  10. Okay, let’s cut the crap! This is fake news! Pelosi will never be brought to trial. Like every Democrat, she’ll get away with her crimes!

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